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SALISBURY, GERALDINE GARDINER: H. Marshall Gardiner's Nantucket Post Cards 1910-1940. Colour illus.; 96pp. oblong folio, paperback with pictorial covers, 1st edit., East Greenwich, 19955. Very good copy. [ Ref: RGW17338] £10

LINLEY SAMBOURNE [1845-1910] Artist. AUTOGRAPH LETTER Signed, to James Carlton Stitt, 1p, large 8vo, 18 Stafford Terrace, Kensington, enclosing a tracing [not present] of reduction of drawing used on cover of 'The Sketch', not used as bookplate, thinks he would be out of place in his catalogue as he has not made bookplate designs. tipped onto backing sheet, 9 Jan 1895. [ Ref: RGW16422] £25
*James Carlton Stitt [1851-1934] was a marine consulting engineer from Liverpool, who was a keen collector of book plates. It would appear he was making a catalogue or list of bookplate artists.

[FREDERICK SANDYS] O'LOONEY, B.: Frederick Sandys 1829-1904. Exhibition Catalogue. Black and white illus. 323 items; 76pp. orig. wrappers, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. 1974. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW16739] £8

SCHNEIDERMAN, R.S.: The Catalogue Raisonné of the Prints of Charles Meryon with the assistance of Frank W. Raysor II. Numerous illus.; 216pp. folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., 1990. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW998] £45

SCHNEIDERMAN, R.S.: The Catalogue Raisonné of the Prints of Sir Francis Seymour Haden. Numerous illus.; 432pp. folio orig. cloth, 2nd edit., 1997. Fine copy. [ Ref: RGW999] £125
*The definitive catalogue of Haden's prints produced after years of research which describes many previously unrecorded states.

SEWTER, A.C.: Glyn Philpot. (Foreword by Thomas Bodkin). Frontispiece portrait, 8 colour plates, 113 black and white illus., other illus. in text, list of exhibitions, bibliography; xii+20pp text. folio orig. cloth gilt, 1st edit., Batsford, 1951. In frayed d.w. (piece missing from front cover) [ Ref: RGW7883] £38

SHANES, E.: Turner's Rivers, Harbours and Coasts. 116 items, nearly all illustrated in colour, other black and white illus.; 160pp. oblong folio orig. cloth, BCA, 1981. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW17683] £30

SHANES, E.: The Golden Age of Watercolours. 82items, all illustrated in colour, other black and white illus.; 128pp. Large 4to orig. cloth, Merrell, 2001. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW18578] £30
*The watercolours are from the collection of Sir Hickman Bacon.

SHAW, J. BYAM: Drawings by Old Masters at Christ Church Oxford. 2 vols. (Catalogue & Plates) 1900 items; 139 illus., 890 black and white plates, appendices, indexes; xii+445pp. Large folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1976. Very good copy set in d.w.'s [ Ref: RGW18970] £50
*A detailed scholarly catalogue of one of the best collections of Old Master drawings in Britain.

SHEPHERD, DAVID: The Man Who Loves Giants. An artist among elephants and engines. David Shepherd's Autobiography. Colour plates and other Illus.; 168pp. oblong folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., David & Charles,1985. In d.w. [ Ref: RGW17286] £10

SIMS, P.: Whitney Museum of American Art. Selected Art from the Permanent Collection. Over 150 colour plates; 254pp. folio orig. cloth, New York, 1985. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW12636] £15

SMAILES, H.: John Zephaniah Bell [1794-183] Scottish Masters 13. Black and white illus.; 32pp. orig. pictorial wrappers, 1st edit., National Galleries of Scotland, 1990. Very good copy. [ Ref: RGW16731] £10

[THOMAS SMITH]. ALBANY AND MANNING GALLERIES. Thomas Smith Sketches in Italy and Switzerland. Black and white illus.; 56 items. orig. pictorial wrappers, 1st edit., 1973. [ Ref: RGW16735] £10

SMITH, T.R. & SLATER, J.: Architecture Classic and Early Christian. Illus., index; xxiv+272pp. orig. leather-backed green cloth, spine worn, Sampson Low, Marston & Co, 1893. William Moorcroft's copy with his bookplate. [ Ref: RGW14933] £25
*William Moorcroft (1872-1945), Potter, was born in Burslem. Having studied at the South Kensington School of Art, he returned to the Potteries and worked as a designer for James McIntyre & Co. In 1913 he left to set up his own pottery, which continues to this day. Contains William Moorcroft's distinctive sepia printed bookplate, the design of which is inspired by illuminated initials from medieval manuscripts.

SOLLY, N.N.: Memoir of the Life of David Cox. Colour frontis., 32 black and white plates, index; xiv+128pp. orig. cloth, Rodart Reproductions, Facsimile reprint of 1st edit. (1873), 1973. In d.w. [ Ref: RGW18587] £10

SOTHEBY & CO. The Collection of Impressionist and Modern Pictures formed by W. Somerset Maugham. 31 plates, 16 in colour; 35 lots; 64pp. orig. boards, April 1962. [ Ref: RGW4781] £10

SOTHEBY & CO. The Ellesmere Collection of Drawings by Giulio Romano and other Sixteenth-Century Masters. Collected by Sir Thomas Lawrence. Part II. 101 lots, all illustrated; 204pp. orig. wrappers, Dec 1972. With price list. [ Ref: RGW12346] £10

SOTHEBY & CO. Collection of Ballooning and Aeronautical Prints and Drawings. The Property of Col. R. L. Preston. Black and white illus.; 221 lots; 120pp. orig. wrappers, March 1962. [ Ref: RGW12615] £30

SOTHEBY & CO. Catalogue of Important Chinese Ceramics. The Property of Mrs Alfred Clark. 103 plates, 21 in colour; 145 lots; 130pp. orig. boards, March 1975. In d.w. (tears with loss at top of back cover) Price List loosely inserted. [ Ref: RGW18973] £150

SOTHEBY & CO. The Ellesmere Collection of Drawings. Collected by Sir Thomas Lawrence. 2 Parts. Carracci and other Bolognese Masters. And, Giulio Romano and other Sixteenth-Century Masters. All lots illustrated. orig. boards, 1972. [ Ref: RGW19211] £20

SOTHEBY'S Paintings from the Paul Mellon Collection. Illus., some in colour, index; 199 lots; 214pp. orig. boards, November, 1981. In torn d.w. [ Ref: RGW8982] £10

SOTHEBY'S. Summers Place. The Austin Collection. Illus., some in colour; 2195 lots; 178pp. orig. wrappers, May, 1996. [ Ref: RGW12608] £5

[JOSEPH SOUTHALL]. BIRMINGHAM MUSEUM. Joseph Southall 1861-1944. Artist-Craftsman. Exhibition Catalogue. Illus., some colour; 112pp. folio (295 x 210mm) orig. pictorial wrappers, Birmingham City Art Gallery, 1980. [ Ref: RGW4798] £10

SPALDING, F.: Dictionary of British Art. 20th Century Painters and Sculptors. 87 colour and 265 black and white illus.; 482pp; two stamps. 4to orig. cloth, 1st edit., 1990. Ex-library copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW1098] £30

[STANLEY SPENCER]. Spencer in the Shipyard. Paintings and Drawings by Stanley Spencer and Photographs by Cecil Beaton. Colour and black and white illus. some illus. of paintings folding; 58 items; signature on title. orig. pictorial wrappers, Arts Council, 1981. [ Ref: RGW17222] £25
*During the Second World War, Spencer was commissioned to paint shipworkers on the Clyde.

STAD ANTWERPEN. Van Dyck Tentoonstelling. Exhibition Catalogue art Koninklijk Museum. 54 plates; 134 items; 64pp. 8vo full morocco gilt, Antwerp, 1949. [ Ref: RGW19529] £10

STANIFORTH, S. & SITWELL, C. (Ed.): Studies in the History of Painting Restoration. Black and white illus.; 180pp. orig. pictorial wrappers, one corner creased, 1st edit., Archetype Publications with the National Trust, 1998. [ Ref: RGW16728] £20

[PHILIP WILSON STEER]. LAUGHTON, B.: Philip Wilson Steer. Frontis., 213 illus., some in colour, catalogue of paintings, index; xx+167pp. folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., Oxford University Press, 1971. Very good copy. [ Ref: RGW3190] £30

[P. WILSON STEER]. ARTS COUNCIL. P. Wilson Steer 1860-1942. 20 plates; 114 items; 32pp. orig. wrappers, 1960. [ Ref: RGW12655] £10

STENLAKE, F.: Robert Bevan from Gauguin to Camden Town. Over 180 illus. including 125 in colour, index; 223pp. Large 4to (285 x 250mm) orig. cloth, 1st edit., Unicorn Press, 2008. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW17955] £25
*This is the first first full-lenth monograph. Robert Bevan spent many summers painting on the Blackdown Hills.

STONE, L.: Sculpture in Britain. The Middle Ages. 192 plates of photographic illus., figures in text, index; 297pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Pelican History of Art, 1955. In d.w. In orig. slipcase. [ Ref: RGW1113] £35

[GEORGE STUBBS]. MILNER, F.: George Stubbs Paintings, Ceramics, Prints & Documents in Merseyside Collections. Illus.; 34pp folio orig. wrappers, marked on back cover, National Museums & Galleries on Merseyside, 1987. [ Ref: RGW16786] £5

SUMMERSON, JOHN: Ben Nicholson. 32 plates, 16 colour; 16pp. orig. boards, a little fraying at top of front cover, Penguin Modern Painters, 1948. [ Ref: RGW860] £6

TATE GALLERY. Matthew Smith. Paintings from 1909 to 1952. Exhibition Catalogue. 16 plates, some colour; 81 items; 24pp. orig. wrappers, 1953. [ Ref: RGW4948] £10

TATE GALLERY. The Tate Gallery Collections. British Paintings Modern Paintings and Sculpture. 352pp. orig. cloth, marked, Tate Gallery, 8th edit., 1984. Interleaved copy with numerous manuscript additions. [ Ref: RGW16767] £15

TATE GALLERY. Gauguin and the Pont-Aven Group. Illus., some colour; 320 items; 50pp. orig. wrappers, some wear, Arts Council, 1966. [ Ref: RGW18594] £8

THOMAS, A.: The Art of Hilda Carline. Mrs Stanley Spencer. Colour and black and white illus.; 72 items; 72pp. orig. pictorial wrappers, 1st edit., Lincoln, Usher Gallery, 1999. Very good copy. [ Ref: RGW17408] £20

[C.S. TODD] J. MONCRIEFF MACMILLAN. Exhibition of Wildlife Watercolours by C.S. Todd. Illus.; 40 items. oblong 8vo orig. wrappers, Perth, n.d. [1970s]. [ Ref: RGW12668] £5

[TOULOUSE-LAUTREC]. J. BOUCHOT-SAUPIQUE. Centenaire de Toulouse-Lautrec. Numerous illus.; 198 items; 192pp. orig. wrappers, Ministere d'Etat Affaires Culturelles, 1964. [ Ref: RGW12632] £5
*Catalogue of exhibition at Paris and Albi.

TREUHERZ, J.: Pre-Raphaelite Paintings from the Manchester City Art Gallery. 8 colour plates, 113 black and white illus., other text illus.; 151pp. orig. wrappers, 1st edit., 1980. [ Ref: RGW5036] £5

TYLER, T.: Malcolm Root's Pageant of Transport A Treasury of Transport Paintings from Times Past.. Full colour plates, index; 140pp; faint crease to top corners. oblong folio orig. cloth, two corners slightly bumped, Wellington, Halsgrove, 2008. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14263] £12


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