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ANTHONY D'OFFAY. Art and Literature 1870-1920. A Catalogue of Drawings and Manuscripts. [Catalogue 3]. Black and white plates; 150 items. orig. wrappers, n.d. [1960s] [ Ref: RGW12697] £5

DAHL, S.: History of the Book. 115 illus.; 279pp. orig. cloth, New York, Scarecrow Press, 1958. [ Ref: RGW17211] £10

ARTHUR DALE. BIRMINGHAM. Wholesale Catalogue of Sanitary Bedding. Illus., tables of prices; 14pp; some spotting. folio orig. wrappers, Birmingham, Printed by W.B. Hill &Co, n.d., early 20th century. [ Ref: RGW14882] £30
*The Arthur Dale factory, Central Works was situated in Newmarket Street, Birmingham. The products include mattresses, pillows and cushions.

DAWSON, P.: The People's Ruskin The George Allen Editions of the reprinted Works of John Ruskin.A Collector's Guide to to the Cheap Editions 1882-1914. Illus.; 56pp. Paperback, 1st edit., Oxenbridge Press, 1999. [ Ref: RGW17054] £10

DENT, H.C.: Pique: A Beautiful Minor Art. Introduction by C. Reginald Grundy. 36 black and white plates, other illus. in text; vi+25pp. folio orig. blue cloth gilt, slight wear on extremities, 1st edit., The Connoisseur, 1923. Very good clean copy. [ Ref: RGW14868] £60

DESMOND, R.: A Celebration of Flowers. Two Hundred Years of Curtis's Botanical Magazine. 40 colour plates, and other black and white illus., index; 208pp. folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., Royal Botanic Gardens in association with Collingridge, 1987. Very good copy in d.w. (slight wear, very faint stain at foot of covers) [ Ref: RGW14276] £28

DUFF, E. GORDON: Early Printed Books. 11 plates, index; xii+219pp. orig. buckram gilt, spine faded, slight wear, uncut, 1st edit., Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner &Co, 1893. [ Ref: RGW17043] £15

ECKE, G.: Chinese Domestic Furniture. 161 black and white plates, index; 50pp text. folio orig. cloth, Charles E. Tuttle reprint of 1944 edit., 1963. Very good copy in d.w. In orig. slipcase. [ Ref: RGW19201] £35

EDWARDS, R. &RAMSEY, L.G.G.: The Connoisseur's Complete Period Guides to the Houses, Decoration, Furnishing and Chattels of the Classic Periods. Colour frontis. and 95 photographic illus., index; 1536pp. orig. cloth, Connoisseur, 1968. [ Ref: RGW393] £10

EILAND III, MURRAY: Antique Oriental Rugs. Starting to Collect Series. Colour and black and white illus., index; 192pp. 4to orig. cloth, Antique Collectors' Club, 2003. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14612] £10

FABES, G.H.: Modern First Editions: Points and Values. 3 vols. orig. black cloth, uncut, 1st edit., W. and G. Foyle, 1929. Limited to 750 copies. [ Ref: RGW17038] £20

FABES, G.H. &FOYLE, W.A.: Modern First Editions: Points and Values. Second Series. xviii+93pp. orig. black cloth, uncut, 1st edit., W. and G. Foyle, 1929. In d.w. Limited to 1,000 copies., SIGNED BY AUTHORS. [ Ref: RGW17200] £10

FARRER, J.A.: Literary Forgeries. Introduction by Andrew Lang. xxvi+282pp. orig. blue cloth gilt, slight wear on extremities, 1st edit., 1907. From Wigan Public Library with book label and impressed stamp. [ Ref: RGW17040] £15

FOLIO SOCIETY. Folio 40 A Checklist of the Publications of the Folio Society 1947-1987. Introduction by Nicolas Barker. Illus., index; 157pp. orig. cloth gilt, 1st edit., Folio Press, 1987. [ Ref: RGW17063] £10

FOX, A. &A.: Rockingham Pottery &Porcelain 1745-1842. 10 colour plates, 149 black and white illus., other drawings and facsimiles of marks, index; xvi+262pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Faber, 1983. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW19061] £10

FRANKLIN, C.: The Private Presses. Plates and other illus., index; 240pp. orig. cloth, Studio Vista, 1970. Very good copy in frayed d.w. [ Ref: RGW18581] £15

FRASER, A.: A History of Toys. Colour and black and white illus., index; 256pp. 4to orig. cloth, worn, 1st edit., Weidenfeld &Nicolson, 1966. [ Ref: RGW14001] £5

FREESTON, E.C.: Prisoner-of-War Ship Models 1775-1825. Colour plate, numerous photographic illus. and drawings, appendices; 174pp. folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., Nautical Publishing, 1973. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW17328] £10

GABSZEWICZ, A.: Bow Porcelain The Collection formed by Geoffrey Freeman. 10 colour plates, 270 items, all illustrated, index; 164pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Lund Humphries, 1982. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW19062] £15

GODDEN, G.: Lowestoft Porcelains. 13 colour plates, over 250 black and white photographic illus., appendices, index; xiv+261pp. 4to orig. cloth, 2nd edit. revised and expanded, Antique Collector's Club, 1985. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW19056] £30

GODDEN, G.: Minton Pottery and Porcelain of the First Period 1793-1850. 12 colour plates, over 160 black and white photographic illus., other text figures including facsimiles of marks, appendices, index; xvi+168pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Herbert Jenkins, 1968. Very good copy in frayed d.w. [ Ref: RGW19058] £10

GODDEN, G.: Ridgway Porcelains. 16 colour plates, 218 black and white illus., facsimiles of marks, appendices of sale catalogues, etc, index; 257pp. 4to orig. cloth, 2nd edit., Antique Collector's Club, 1985. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW19063] £30

GODDEN, G.: Chamberlain-Worcester Porcelain 1788-1852. 25 colour plates, 433 black and white photographic illus., other text figures including facsimiles of marks, appendices, index; 375pp. 4to orig. cloth, 1st edit., Barrie &Jenkins, 1982. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW19070] £18

GOOD, R.; Clocks An Owner's Handbook. 90 photographic illus., 56 text figures, index; 224pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., British Museum, 1985. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW13553] £9

GUPPY, H.: A Brief Sketch of the History of the Transmission of the Bible down to the Revised English Version of 1881-95. 20 Plates; viii+75pp. 8vo contemp. half calf, spine gilt, slight wear on extremities, 1st edit., Manchester University Press, 1926. Presentation copy, SIGNED BY AUTHOR. [ Ref: RGW17044] £15

HAACK, H.: Oriental Rugs An Illustrated Guide. 8 colour plates, 36 illus., other text illus., folding map, index; 76pp. orig. cloth, Faber &Faber, 1964. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW15052] £10

HADEN, H.J.: The Story of Mark &Moody Limited 1840-1957. Colour portrait and other plates.; 35pp. orig. maroon cloth gilt, 1st edit., Stourbridge, Mark &Moody, n.d. [c.1957] [ Ref: RGW17511] £15
*History of this firm of printers which was set up in opposition to the well-established firm of Joseph Heming.

HALL, D.: British Orders, Decorations and Medals. Colour plates, index; 96pp. orig. cloth, 2nd edit., St Ives, Balfour, 1974. Fine copy in price clipped d.w. (repaired tear) [ Ref: RGW15072] £10

HAMILTON, CHARLES: Scribbler and Scoundrels. Illus., facsimiles, index; viii+282pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., New York, 1968. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW17052] £10
*Memoir written by the famous American dealer in autograph letters.

HASLAM, M.: Marks and Monograms of the Modern Movement 1875-1930. A Guide to the Marks of Artists, Designers, Retailers and Manufacturers from the Period of the Aesthetic Movement to Art Deco and Style Moderne. Facsimile marks, index; 192pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., 1977. In d.w. (spine faded, crease on back cover) [ Ref: RGW3075] £25
*An invaluable reference work covering ceramics, glass, metalwork, furniture, textiles and graphics in Europe and America.

HASLAM, M.: Arts and Crafts Book Covers. 99 books described and illustrated in colour; index; 120pp. (9.5in x 7in) orig. pictorial wrappers, 1st edit., 2012. [ Ref: RGW16283] £16
*Produced to accompany the exhibition 'From Rossetti to Voysey: Arts &Crafts Stamped Book Cover Design' at Blackwell, The Arts &Crafts House. From the 1860s, some of the best designs for book covers were supplied to publishers by members of the Arts and Crafts movement. Over fifty designers are discussed and their initials and monograms illustrated. An extremely useful reference book, with a chapter on publishers, based on original research which will enable the student of bookbinding to identify the designer of many cloth book-bindings.

BRIAN HAUGHTON ANTIQUES. The Elegance of Porcelain. Exhibition Catalogue. Colour illus.; 46 items; 64pp. folio orig. wrappers, 2006. Fine copy. [ Ref: RGW19521] £10

BRIAN HAUGHTON ANTIQUES. A Passion for Porcelain. Exhibition Catalogue. Colour illus.; 49 items; 64pp. folio orig. wrappers, 2009. Fine copy. [ Ref: RGW19522] £10

BRIAN HAUGHTON ANTIQUES. Royal Splendour. Exhibition Catalogue. Colour illus.; 14 items; 40pp. folio orig. wrappers, 2005. Fine copy. [ Ref: RGW19523] £10

BRIAN HAUGHTON ANTIQUES. Splendour of a Golden Age Eighteenth Century English Porcelain 1745-1770. Exhibition Catalogue. Colour illus.; 32 items; 40pp. folio orig. wrappers, 2004. Fine copy. [ Ref: RGW19524] £10

BRIAN HAUGHTON ANTIQUES. Sculptural Splendour. Exhibition Catalogue. Colour illus.; 61 items; 72pp. folio orig. wrappers, 2008. Fine copy. [ Ref: RGW19525] £10

HAYWARD, H.: Thomas Johnson and English Rococo. 191 illus., including facsimile plates from Johnson's designs, index; 46pp text. 4to orig. red cloth, 1st edit., A. Tiranti, 1964. In marked d.w. [ Ref: RGW18968] £50

A. HEPPLEWHITE &CO. Hepplewhite The Cabinet-Maker &Upholsterer's Guide. 128 plates; 24pp text. large folio orig. cloth, wear on extremities, Reprint of 3rd edit., 1794, Reading Thames Facsimile Co, 1963. [ Ref: RGW18085] £60
*Also contains the plates from the previous editions which were not included in the third editon.

HESSISCHES LANDESMUSEUM, DARMSTADT. Jugendstil Sammlung K.A. Citroen, Amsterdam. Colour and black and white illus.; 323 items; 181pp. orig. wrappers, 1962. [ Ref: RGW12643] £10
*Useful catalogue of Citroen's collection of Art Nouveau.

[DAVID OCTAVIUS HILL &ROBERT ADAMSON]. STEVENSON, S.: David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson. Catalogue of their Calotypes taken between 1843 and 1847 in the Collection of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Numerous illus.; 220pp. folio wrappers, 1st edit., Edinburgh, National Galleries of Scotland, 1981. [ Ref: RGW12263] £25
*An important catalogue with each entry illustrated.

HOBSON, R.L.: The Wares of the Ming Dynasty. 60 plates, some in colour, index; xvi+208pp. folio orig. cloth gilt, spine faded slightly, Charles E. Tuttle reprint of 1923 edit., 1962. Very good copy. [ Ref: RGW19202] £20

HODGSON, N.B.: Children's Books on Bees and Beekeeping. Typescript, index; iv+55pp. folio orig. wrappers, Bee Research Association, 1973. [ Ref: RGW17213] £10

HOPKINSON, T.: Treasures of the Royal Photographic Society 1839-1919. Numerous photographic illus.; 224pp. folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., W. Heinemann and Royal Photographic Society, 1980. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW12266] £15

HOWARD, DAVID SANCTUARY: Chinese Armorial Porcelain. Volume II. 1,880 colour illustrations; 1,500 armorial services described, General Index and 50-page comprehensive Index of Services covering both volumes; 904pp. 4to (282 x 216mm) orig. dark blue buckram, 1st edit., Chippenham, Heirloom and Howard, 2003. New copy as issued in dust-wrapper and orig. slipcase. [ Ref: RGW19485] £450
*This second volume of the standard work on the subject unlike the first volume it has the armorials all illustrated in colour. It also has all the appendices reprinted and updated. It has a new introduction and four illustrated chapters on aspects of the China Trade: Ð Reflections, Replacements, Reproductions and Revival Ð Of Counters, Carriages and Bookplates Ð Armorial Porcelain for Scotland and the role of the Swedish East India Company Ð Chinese Armorial Porcelain: The Market during the last Century and in the Future. Has The Laws of Blazon, and a chapter on understanding heraldry. Together with a comprehensive analysis and classification of styles and dates of armorial porcelain; 16 appendices including details of directors, captains, ship-owners and merchants of the Hon. East India Company; Governors of Madras, Bombay and Bengal; Lords Mayor of London and city livery companies; analysis of owners of services; bookplate originals for services; and a complete list of mottoes recorded in both volumes.

HUBBARD, CLIFFORD: The Literature of British Dogs. Five Centuries of Illustrated Dog Books. 12 plates, index; 56pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Ponterwyd, 1949. Very good copy in frayed d.w. SIGNED BY AUTHOR. [ Ref: RGW17303] £15

HUGHES, T.: Collecting Small Decorative Antiques. 48 black and white plates, other illus. in text, index; 216pp. orig. cloth, Bookplan, 1966. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14556] £5
*Combines her two earlier books on decorative antiques.

HUTTON, K: Speaking Likeness. Photographic illus.; 88pp; slight crease to last leaf. orig. boards, slight marking, Focal Press, 1st edit., 1947. [ Ref: RGW14969] £10
*Evocative photographs of England just after the War.

ISAAC, P. (Ed.): Six Centuries of the Provincial Book Trade in Britain. Index; xii+212pp. orig. boards, 1st edit., 1990. Very good copy. [ Ref: RGW627] £12

JONES, I.: A History of Printing and Printers in Wales to and of Successive and Related Printers to 1923. Also, A History of Printing and Printers in Monmouthshire to 1923. List of subscribers, appendices, index; xii+366pp; slight stain at foot of a few leaves. folio orig. green cloth gilt, t.e.g., rest uncut, some wear on extremities, small damp stain at foot of spine and on back cover, 1st edit., Cardiff, William Lewis, 1925. [ Ref: RGW18869] £20


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