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JEAN LOUIS AGASSIZ [1807-1873] Swiss Palaeontologist, Glaciologist and Geologist. AUTOGRAPH SIGNATURE, cut from letter, written from Florence Court, 8/8/1834. 5 lines of text of letter, in French, on reverse, 1834. 2.5in x 7in [ Ref: RGW16800] £25
*In August 1834, Agassiz stayed at the Earl of Enniskillen's country seat Florence Court in County Fermanagh. The Earl of Enniskillen had a fine collection of fossil fishes.

JOHN AISLABIE [1670-1742] Chancellor of the Exchequer RICHARD EDGCUMBE [1680-1758] 1st Baron Edgcumbe, Lord of the Treasury, and GEORGE BAILLIE [1664Ð1738] Lord of the Treasury. THREE SIGNATURES, in ink, on piece cut from official document. [c.1720]. 3in x 2.75in [ Ref: RGW15585] £30
*The document must date from the time that Aislabie was Chancellor of the Exchequer and the other two were Lords of the Treasury.

ALBUM OF GERMAN TOUR. Album of 42 prints of German views in and around Gottingen, Bonn, Dresden and Weimar, comprising 16 engravings and etchings of Gottingen, some by Gebruder Rocca, Letite Heller and E.L. Reipenhausen, of Weender Strasse, Jacobi Kirche, Bibliothek, neue Anatonmie, Chicurgische Hospital, Weender Papiermuhle, Muhle bei Mariaspring, Hardenberger schloss, etc.; 2 hand-coloured etchings of Dresden by J.C.A. Richter of the Zwinger Thor, and the bridge; 7 hand-coloured prints of of Weimar, including Goethe's Gartenhaus, and Schiller's Haus by M. Bauer, Goethe's Hausgarten by Ed. Lobe; series of 10 small black and white lithographs of Bonn, 5 engravings after B. Hundeshagen, published by F. Habicht of Drachenfels, Godesberger Schloss and the Botanische Garten. Most about 8 x 13cm, some smaller. At the other end of the end of the album there are 15 leaves mounted with dried plant specimens, ink captions giving location and date of collection, mostly from the Bonn region including Professor Brandis's garden, and Goethe's house in Weimar. 4to ( 10.25 x 8.5in) orig. half calf with marbled boards, worn, joints split, 1835. Loosely inserted a letter in English from Laura Heyne the daughter of Christian Heyne [1729-1812], AUTOGRAPH NOTE from John Friedrich Blumenbach [1752-1840], the naturalist and physician. [ Ref: RGW15619] £295
*This visit was undertaken by Rev. and Mrs J.J. Taylor in 1835. The couple were obviously well versed in German culture and made a point of visiting the homes of German writers. A testament to the admiration which many English travellers of this period had for German thought.

[GENEALOGY] THE ANCESTOR. OSWALD BARRON (Ed.) The Ancestor A Quarterly Review of County and Family History, Heraldry and Antiquities. 12 Numbers, all published. Plates, illus., pedigrees; spotting to some leaves. Large 8vo orig. pink boards, paper spine labels, worn, a few vols chipped at head of spine, 1st edit., A. Constable, 1902-05. Sold with the 3 indexes. Bookplate of Cefntilla. [ Ref: RGW20109] £40
*A very useful source for genealogical information by a number of distinguished writers. Cefntilla Court, Llandenny, Monmouthshire was built for Richard Somerset, 2nd Baron Raglan [1817-1884].

HENRY PAGET, 1st MARQUESS OF ANGLESEY [ 1768-1854] Field Marshall. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, to R.R. Madden, Uxbridge House, 3 March 1853, 1p, stating he does not possess any letters by Countess of Blessington conjugate leaf removed from album, 1853. [ Ref: RGW19862] £85
*Richard Robert Madden [1798-1886] compiled 'The Literary Life and Correspondence of the Countess of Blessington'. The Marquess of Anglesey lost his leg at the Battle of Waterloo. He was Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and supported Catholic emancipation.

AUSTEN, JANE: Letters. Edited by Deidre Le Faye. Indexes; xxv+667pp. orig. cloth, 4th edit., Oxford University Press, 2011. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW18872] £10

AYLETT, M. &ORDISH, O.: First Catch Your Hare. A History of the Recipe-Makers. 16 plates, index; x+242pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., 1965. In d.w. [ Ref: RGW8477] £20
*A survey of eleven British cookery writers including Kenelm Digby, Hannah Glasse, Eliza Acton and Isabella Beeton.

AYTO, J. &CROFTON, I.: Brewer's Britain &Ireland. 1267pp. orig. cloth, Weidenfeld &Nicolson, 2005. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14649] £8

BACON, E. (Ed.): Vanished Civilizations Forgotten Peoples of the Ancient World. 802 illus., 211 in colour, 539 photographs and drawings, 52 maps and charts, index; 360pp. Large folio orig. cloth, t.e.g., 1st edit., Thames &Hudson, 1968. Very good copy in slightly frayed d.w. [ Ref: RGW14754] £20

BAILY, FRANCIS: The Doctrine of Interest and Annuities Analytically and Explained; Together with Several Useful Tables connected with the subject. Engraved plate, tables, appendices; xvi+144+[64]pp; a little spotting to first few leaves. 4to contemp half calf, rebacked retaining orig. label, some wear on corners, First Edition, Sold by John Richardson, 1808. [ Ref: RGW18770] £250
*Francis Baily [1774-1844] entered the Stock Exchange in 1799. According to the Oxford DNB, 'Baily's early works on annuity tables and assurance societies reveal that he drew strongly upon the eighteenth-century radical dissenter Richard Price. His work on life annuities and insurances attempted systematically to algebraize the subject and represent various cases of annuities and assurances by symbols. He was also one of the first not to rely on Price's Northampton mortality tables, since, he claimed, the duration of human life was in fact longer than these tables suggested.' In his youth, Baily, an acquaintance of Priestley, had travelled in America, where he was so impressed with the nation, that he declared he would take United States citizenship. On his retirement from business he devoted himself to astronomy becoming the first to observe 'Baily's Beads'.

BANK OF ENGLAND. 7 PRINTED RECEIPTS FOR ANNUITIES, filled out in ink, with printing of complicated patterns on reverse. 1827-1858, 6.5in x 8in and smaller. [ Ref: RGW12189] £30

BARLOW, F.: Thomas Becket. Colour and black and white illus., maps, index; xvi+366pp. orig. purple pictorial cloth, spine gilt, slight mark on spine, Folio Society Edition, 2002. Very good copy in slipcase. [ Ref: RGW14669] £10

THE BATH AND CHELTENHAM GAZETTE. The Bath and Cheltenham Gazette. No. 521. 24 September 1824. Price Seven pence. Woodcuts; 4pp. Large bifolium (21.5 x 16in), some splits on folds, 1824. [ Ref: RGW17858] £20

BEETON, MRS ISABELLA: The Book of Household Management. 32 colour plates and numerous other black and white plates, index; viii+1997pp; endpapers damaged. orig. red leather-backed cloth, spine gilt, spine rubbed, corner bumped, New Edition, Revised and Enlarged, Ward Lock &Co, 1915. A very good clean copy. [ Ref: RGW16970] £80

FREDERICK AUGUSTUS BERKELEY, 5th EARL OF BERKELEY [1745-1810]. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, to Rev Dr Seurlock, London, 30 Oct 1792, 4to, 1p, thanking him for his publication, 'which I think may be of service at this time, when Equality &Egality are fashionable French terms' 1st December only day for shooting 'have ordered the Keeper to attend at Cranford bridge for you' conjugate leaf with address panel, signed by Earl Berkeley, and with postmarks. 1792 [ Ref: RGW19863] £40
*Dr Seurlock lived in Langley, Bucks. Langley near Slough is now in Berkshire

BEST, G.: Churchill A Study in Greatness. 17 illus.,index; 370pp; corners of a few leaves creased.. 8vo orig.cloth, 1st edit., Hambledon &London, 2001. In d.w. [ Ref: RGW14267] £5

BLAGROVE, D.: Waterways of Northamptonshire. Photographic plates, some colour, maps and plans, index; viii+224pp. folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., Northamptonshire Libraries, 1990. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW17874] £10

BLYTH, C.: The Impossible Voyage. Photographic illus., some in colour; 224pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., 1971. Very good copy in d.w. BOLDLY INSCRIBED ON TITLE BY AUTHOR. "To Tug from his Para to the Scout Bon Chance Chay Blyth" [ Ref: RGW13979] £25
*Chay Blyth served in the Middle East with the Parachute regiment.

BODY, R.: England for the English. Illus., maps and index; 181pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., New European Publications, 2001. Very good copy in d.w.. [ Ref: RGW14995] £10

LADY VIOLET BONHAM-CARTER [b.1887] AUTOGRAPH LETTER Signed to Miss Vincent, 2pp, 8vo, 21 Hyde Square, London, 16 Jan 1957, thanking her for "The Dark is Light Enough" signed by Christopher Fry, slight creasing and marking, [ Ref: RGW6917] £20

BOSWELL, JAMES: Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763. (Ed. P.A. Pottle). Illus., index; viii+365pp. orig. cloth-backed boards, First Folio Society Edition, 1985. Fine copy in slipcase (wear on top edge.) [ Ref: RGW14245] £8

BRAMSON, A.: Pure Luck. The Authorized Biography of Sir Thomas Sopwith 1888-1989. Photographic illus., appendices, index; xxvii+288pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Patrick Stephens, 1990. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW17887] £8

HENRY BOUVERIE WILLIAM BRAND 1st VISCOUNT HAMPDEN [1814-1892] Politician Speaker of House of Commons. AUTOGRAPH LETTER Signed, Treasury, 1865, 8vo, 2pp not able to give a definitive date for the dissolution of parliament 1865 [ Ref: RGW19861] £30
*Written when he was Parliamentary Secretary to Treasury.

WILLIAM THOMAS BRANDE [1788Ð1866] Chemist. AUTOGRAPH LETTER Signed, to 'My Dear Madam', 3pp, Royal Mint, regretting having to decline her invitations, refers to a mutual friend Dr Taylor and the Smethurst business, which he 'has been a great deal harrassed by', notes her allusion to 'my angling propensities', 'I am much vexed at not being able to give you a practical proof of my piscatorial skill.' one leaf pasted onto album card, 1 Sept 1859. [ Ref: RGW15617] £40
*William Brande replaced Humphry Davy as professor of chemistry at the Royal Institution in 1813. His highly successful 'Dictionary of Science, Literature, and Art' was first published in 1842. In 1852 he was appointed Superintendent of the Coining and Die Department at the Royal Mint. Dr Swaine Taylor [1806Ð1880] had given evidence in the trials of Dr Thomas Smethurst for murder, saying he had detected arsenic in the victim's body, a claim he later retracted.

JOHN BRIGHT [1811-1889] Statesman, Opposed the Corn Laws. SIGNATURE, ink, 'J. Bright', cut from letter and mounted on card, Sold with chromolithograph portrait with facsimile signature. [ Ref: RGW16297] £10

JOHN BRITTON [1771Ð1857] Antiquary and Topographer. AUTOGRAPH LETTER Signed, to J. Murray, 3 Dec 1828, 1p, 8vo, having heard the announcement of a 'Life of Buonaparte' suggests the author's should consult Underwood's ' A Narrative of Memorable Events in Paris in 1814' 1828 [ Ref: RGW19866] £25
*Presumably this is referring to John Gibson Lockhart's 'The History of Napoleon Buonaparte', published by John Murray.

BROWNING, M., CAMERON, A., CULLEN, A., SANDERSON, B. &WRAGGE, B.: Uganda The Story of a Very Special Ship. Photographic illus., some in colour, plans, appendices, index; xii+460pp. folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., Uganda Trust, 1998. Very good copy in d.w. SIGNED BY AUTHOR. [ Ref: RGW17878] £40
*The 'Uganda' was used as a hospital ship in the Falklands campaign.

BROWNING, OSCAR: True Stories from English History from the Conquest to the Present Time. Numerous illus., index; xvi+364pp. orig. pictorial cloth, rear cover with gilt stamp of Kingston School, Yeovil, Griffith Farran &Co, n.d.. Fine copy with prize label on free endpaper dated 1893. [ Ref: RGW12719] £15

GEORGE NUGENT-TEMPLE-GRENVILLE,1ST MARQUESS OF BUCKINGHAM [1753-1813]. Statesman and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, 'Nugent Buckingham' 11 May 1792, concerning an appointment to the Excise, 'as soon as I received your letter, I sent to Mr Pitts secretary the name of the person whom you recommended with my request that he might be instructed for the excise; &having immediately left London the subject escaped my memory while I was at Gosfield for near a month.', delay not of his making, note mislaid in Pitt's office, 'Be so good then as to let me know the name, the age &the present place of abode of your protege, &if he is within the rules I have no doubt of his appointment'. removed from album, 1792. [ Ref: RGW19842] £65
*A letter showing how a politician with influence could use his patronage to find positions for his friends' proteges. Marquess Buckingham twice became Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. He was one of the first to advocate Catholic emancipation, and raised a militia regiment to help in its defence against the French. Gosfield was one his estates in Essex.

BURKE, JOHN: A General and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage Baronetage of the British Empire. Illus. of arms, index of mottoes; xxxvi+1058+89pp; some spotting. Large 8vo contemp. half calf, spine gilt, worn, split at head of upper joint, 5th edit., Henry Colburn, 1837. [ Ref: RGW19224] £50

BURKE, JOHN &JOHN BERNARD: The Royal Families of England, Scotland and Wales with Their Descendants, Sovereigns and Subjects. 2 vols. Engraved frontispiece (spotted), pedigrees at the end of each volume, one folding, indexes; viii+150+xxxvipp; xii+198+lxvipp Large 8vo orig. embossed red cloth, respined with new endpapers, some slight wear on corners, E. Churton, 1851. Scarce [ Ref: RGW19532] £75

BURKE, Sir BERNARD: A Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited and Extinct of the Peerages of the British Empire. Plates of arms; xii+642pp. Large 8vo contemp. half calf, spine gilt, rubbed, lower joint split, New Edition, 1883. Clean copy. [ Ref: RGW20116] £75
*In their catalogues Heraldry Today used to describe this, the last, as the best edition.

BURL, A.: John Aubrey &Stone Circles Britain's First Archaeologist from Avebury to Stonehenge. Illus. and plans, index; 248pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., 2010. In d.w. [ Ref: RGW19016] £15

HENRY JAMES BYRON [1834-1884] Dramatist, Actor and Producer. SIGNATURE, 'Faithfully Yours H.J. Byron' mounted on card, Sheet 3in x 4.5in [ Ref: RGW15616] £10


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