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SAIL CLOTH. ACT OF PARLIAMENT. An Act for the better Encouragement of the making of Sail-Cloth in Great Britain. Black letter; 2pp. folio, disbound, 1704. [ Ref: RGW18055] £10

SALT. ACT OF PARLIAMENT. An Act for granting and continuing the Duties upon Salt, and upon Red and White Herrings, for the further Term of Seven Years; and for licensing the erecting new Refineries of Rock Salt in the Counties of Essex and Suffolk. 16pp. folio, disbound, 1734. [ Ref: RGW16820] £18

SALT AND ANGLESEY. ACT OF PARLIAMENT. An Act to Explain the Act of the last Session of Parliament, for the Ease of Her Majesties Subjects in relation to Allowances out of the Duties upon Salt carried Coastwise, and also an Act of the First Year of Her Majesties Reign, in relation to certain Salt-works near the Sea-side and Bay of Holyhead in the County of Anglesea. 3pp. folio, in plain wrappers, 1734. [ Ref: RGW16821] £18
*There was a salt works at Salt Island which ceased production in 1775. This act allowed rock salt to added to the brine to be refined.

SANDYS, C.: Churchill Wanted Dead or Alive. Illus., maps, index; xxxii+233pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., HarperCollins, 1999. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW15033] £5

SEBAG-MONTEFIORE, H.: The Battle for the Code Enigma. Photographic illus., maps, index; xxviii+455pp. orig. decorated grey cloth gilt, Folio Society Edition, 2nd Printing, 2006. Fine copy in slipcase, some wear on edges. [ Ref: RGW14717] £10

SEWARD, D.: The Monks of War. The Military Orders. Colour and black and white illus., index; xvi+338pp. orig. black cloth, decorated in red and gilt, Folio Society Edition, 2001. Fine copy in slipcase, (split on joints). [ Ref: RGW14665] £10

CROPLEY ASHLEY-COOPER 6th EARL OF SHAFTESBURY [1768-1851]. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, 'to Dearest Harriet' Thursday one o'clock, [1830] 4to, 3pp, have engaged the apartments at the Cobourg Hotel, discovered there had been no order to distribute the Wedding Cake, have ordered them to be sent out according to the inclosed List [not present], I must now hurry to the H of Lords [1830]. Sold with an engraved portrait [ Ref: RGW19856] £40
*Letter written to his daughter Lady Harriet Anne just after her marriage to Henry Lowry-Corry [1803-1873].

SHIRER, W.L.: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. A History of Nazi Germany. 4 vols. Photographic illus.,index. orig. cloth-backed photographic illustrations on boards, Folio Society edition, 2004. Very good set. [ Ref: RGW14599] £30

SILK. ACT OF PARLIAMENT. An Act for making more Effectual an Act made in the Eighth Year of the Reign of the late Queen Anne, Intituled, An Act for Employing the Manufacturers, by Encouraging the Consumption of Raw Silk and Mohair Yarn. Black letter; 4pp. folio, later wrappers, 1717. [ Ref: RGW18107] £10

SIMON, A.L.: In the Twilight. Frontispiece portrait, index; 182pp. orig. cloth 1st edit., 1969. In d.w. [ Ref: RGW1031] £12
*Autobiography of André Simon, wine merchant, bon viveur, writer and book-collector. At the end, there is a bibliography of his writings.

SIMON, A.L. (Ed.): Wines of the World. Colour plates, maps, index; 719pp. folio orig. cloth 1st edit., 1969. In d.w. [ Ref: RGW14076] £10

SMITH, F.E.: Speeches Delivered in the House of Commons and Elsewhere 1906-1909. Index; x+357pp. orig. cloth, slight wear on extremities, 1st edit., Liverpool, Henry Young &Sons, 1910. Very good copy . [ Ref: RGW17879] £10

SMITHFIELD. ACT OF PARLIAMENT. An Act for Continuing the Laws therein mentioned, rleating to the Poor, and to the Buying and Selling of Cattle in Smithfield, and for Suppressing of Piracy. Black letter; 3pp. folio, disbound, 1707. [ Ref: RGW18053] £10

SOCIETY OF MILITARY GENTLEMAN. The Military History of Great Britain, from Julius Caesar to the Conclusion of the Late War. Containing a Full and Particular Description of the famous battles of Cressey, Agincourt . . . With an Introduction, containing a Description of the Inhabitants, from the earliest accounts; with their Customs, Manners, Religion, &c. Collected from the Best Historians, both Ancient and Modern. Engraved portrait of Marlborough; iv+256pp; marking to a few leaves, lacks rear endpaper. 8vo contemp. calf, worn, joints split, Sold by R. James, J. Dursley &others, 1777. Early ownership signature of John Hoskins. Butcher, East Compton. ESTC T173099 Only two copies in the UK. [ Ref: RGW17903] £60

JOHN CHARLES SPENCER Viscount Althorp and 3rd Earl Spencer [1782–1845] Politician and Agriculturist. AUTOGRAPH LETTER Signed, 'Althorp' to 'My Dear Kennedy', 2pp, Albany, London. 'I am sorry you are not here &am still more sorry for the cause of your absence', commenting on the state of the party, 'I believe that a party could be brought to act together on an avowed principle of Neutrality, without any prospect of individual ambition'. glue marks at head, 24 March 1830 [ Ref: RGW15590] £30
*It was on 3 March 1830 at his rooms in Albany that it was proposed Althorp should lead the Whig party. The recipient was possibly Thomas Francis Kennedy [1788–1879] the Scottish politician.

JOHN POYNTZ SPENCER 5th Earl of SPENCER [1835-1910] Politician, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, to Miss James, North Creake, 29 Sept 1863, 3pp, inquiring about Mr James's health, should have seen him before 'long journey to Egypt', arranging a meeting, 1863. [ Ref: RGW19860] £25

SPRAWSON, C.: Haunts of the Black Masseur The Swimmer as Hero. Black and white photographic illus.; 308pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., J. Cape, 1992. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW17743] £10
*A celebration of swimming which examines its connection with culture and literature.

ST CYRES, VISCOUNT Francois de Fenelon. 8 plates, index; x+312pp; lacking free endpaper. orig. cloth gilt, 1st edit., Methuen &Co, 1901. Very good copy. [ Ref: RGW12804] £5

STAFFORD, D.: Churchill and Secret Service. Photographic illus., maps, index; xiii+386pp; one leaf with small nick. orig. cloth, 1st edit., John Murray, 1997. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14575] £10

STEEN, M.: The Lives &Times of the Great Composers. 53 colour plates, other black and white illus., maps, index; 984pp. orig. cloth, Icon Books, 2006. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14470] £20

STEP, E.: Wayside and Woodland Trees A Pocket Guide to the British Sylva. 175 illus., some in colour, index; 182pp. orig. cloth gilt, F. Warne, Wayside and Woodland Series, n.d. [ Ref: RGW19401] £5

STEVENSON, D.: The Beggar's Benison Sex Clubs of Enlightenment Scotland and their Ritual. Ilus., appendices index; xviii+265pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Tuckwell House, 2001. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW19513] £20

STOYE, J.; English Travellers Abroad 1604-1667. Their Influence in English Society and Politics. Illus., index; 382pp. Paperback, Yale University Press, Revised Edition, 1989. [ Ref: RGW7247] £12

GAIUS SUETONIUS TRANQUILLUS: The Twelve Caesars. (Trans. Robert Graves) Wood-Engravings by RAYMOND HAWTHORN; 318pp. orig. cloth gilt, Folio Society Edition, 14th Printing, 2006. Fine copy in slipcase. [ Ref: RGW14251] £8

GEORGE GRANVILLE SUTHERLAND-LEVESON-GOWER, 2nd DUKE OF SUTHERLAND [1786-1861]. Politician and Collector. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, Trentham, 20 Dec 1833, 1p 'You may please to put my name as an annual Subscriber of Five guineas to the Society of Artists' and I should be glad to have a list of the members, removed from album, 1833. [ Ref: RGW19857] £50
*The Duke of Sutherland was aken book and picture collector. He was a trustree of both the National Gallery and the British Museum.

TAYLOR, J.: The Great Historic Families of Scotland. 2 vols. Indexes; 410, 430pp. Large 8vo orig. blue cloth gilt, wear on extremities, 2nd edit., 1890. Bookplate of Cefntilla. [ Ref: RGW20115] £35
*Cefntilla Court, Llandenny, Monmouthshire was built for Richard Somerset, 2nd Baron Raglan [1817-1884].

THE TIMES The Times. No. 5547. 23 October 1802. Price Sixpence. 4pp. Large bifolium (19.5 x 12in), repaired on fold, 1802. Red 3 1/2 d tax stamp. [ Ref: RGW16587] £20
*The advertisments include C. Sandys, Landscape Gardener, Portable Water Closets, Improved Piano Fortes, patent medicines, canal shares, auctions of property, an Iron Foundry, Copper plates and a coppersmith's stock. In the Court Reports of John Harris was convicted of selling 50 indecent and obscene prints, cruety to an infant chimney sweep

THE TIMES The Times. No. 7126. 14 August 1807. Price Sixpence. 4pp. Large bifolium (19.5 x 12in), repaired on fold, 1807. Red 3 1/2 d tax stamp. [ Ref: RGW16588] £20
*The advertisments include Improved Pleasure-Ground Fences, Tunbridge ware, Axminster carpets, dancing tuition, and Patent Glass Illuminators. Parliamententary Report on a debate on Ireland

THE TIMES The Times. No. 7127. 15 August 1807. Price Sixpence. 4pp. Large bifolium (19.5 x 12in), repaired on fold, 1807. Red 3 1/2 d tax stamp. [ Ref: RGW16589] £20
*The advertisments include Old English Ale Brewery, Williamson's 'Oriental Field Sports', and for other books, Patent Steam Kitchen Ranges, and the sale of a Turpentine Manufactory.

THE TIMES The Times. No. 6307. 15 April 1805. Price Sixpence. 4pp. Large bifolium (19.5 x 12in), repaired on fold, 1805. [ Ref: RGW16590] £20
*The advertisements include New Royal Circus and other theatres, newly published books, sales by auction, and lotteries.

THE TIMES The Times. No. 6305. 12 April 1805. Price Sixpence. 4pp. Large bifolium (19.5 x 12in), repaired on fold, 1805. [ Ref: RGW16591] £20
*The advertisements include lotteries, Italian paintings at Strachan's Gallery, textiles, sales by auction, including Dibdin's Songs, Roman Pictures and other items by Mr Phillips.

THE TIMES The Times. No. 6304. 11 April 1805. Price Sixpence. 4pp. Large bifolium (19.5 x 12in), repaired on fold, 1805. [ Ref: RGW16592] £20
*Devoted to the Parlimentary Report on the resignation of Lord Melville, which had been caused by investigation into the finances of the Admiralty.

TOBACCO. ACT OF PARLIAMENT. An Act to allow the Importation of Tobacco from the East Indies and other Places; and for confining the Exportation of Tobacco from Great Britain, and the Importation thereof into Ireland. . . 4pp. folio, disbound, 1819. [ Ref: RGW10045] £10

TOLSTOY, N.: Stalin's Secret War. Index; xvi+463pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Jonathan Cape, 1981. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14741] £10

TRACTS, ETC. Collection of 29 early 19th century Tracts and Chapbooks, mostly of the Religious Tract Society and similar organisations, including 'The Death of Lord Rochester'; 'John of the Score; Or, The Penitent Robber'; 'A True Narrative of a Most Dreadful Calamity; The Destruction of Aleppo by A Earthquake . . . 1822'; 'The Honest Waterman'; 'Spectres and Apparitions with the Best Cure for Imaginary Terrors Including an Account of an Abyssinian Ghost, Which Appeared Two Nights on the Bowsprit of a Vessel' Printed by J.E. Evans; 'Poor William An Authentic Narrative' , Bristol, Printed by C. McDowall for the Bristol Society for Promoting Religious Knowledge; 'The Catechism of the Church of England. To which are added, Questions and Answers out of the Holy Scriptures . . .' Bristol, Printed by J. Young; and 'The Wandering Jew or the Shoemaker of Jerusalem' , Printed and Sold by J. Pitts, Seven Dials. Many with woodcuts. Bound together in 19th century with leather cord, creasing on corners, n.d. Early 19th century. The last three items not listed on COPAC. [ Ref: RGW18045] £125

TREASURE, G.: Who's Who in Late Hanoverian Britain. Portrait illus., index; xiv+466pp. orig. cloth, Revised and Enlarged edit., Shepheard-Walwyn, 1997. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14269] £5

TREGARNETH, ANITA: Founders of the Faith in Wales. Welsh Translation by John Pierce. Drawings by the Author; 156pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Liverpool, Brython Press, 1947. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW16444] £15

TUCHMAN, B.: The March of Folly. From Troy to Vietnam. Colour illus., maps, index; x+419pp. Large 8vo orig. black cloth gilt Folio Society Edition, 2007. Fine copy in orig. slipcase (worn on edges). [ Ref: RGW15009] £10

[TURNER, DANIEL]: A Discourse concerning Fevers. In Two Letters to a Young Physician. The First, Dissuading from all Hypotheses and Theories, whether Physical or Mechanical, as vain and delusive. The Second, Directing his Regimen for the Cure, and his Conduct to the Sick Person; With some short, but general remarks upon the Pulse and Urine, in the Way of Postscript. As also upon the Crises, and Critical Days in Fevers. 8pp of adverts at end; 378pp; piece cut from head of title, staining to the edges of some leaves. 8vo contemp. calf gilt, worn, pieces of leather missing from front cover and spine, 1st edit., for John Clarke, 1727. Early ownership signature of John Laver. ESTC T111650 [ Ref: RGW17904] £75
*Daniel Turner [1667-1742] first practised as a surgeon then became a physician. He wrote the first book in English on skin disease. Yale College in response to a gift of books from him conferred an honorary medical degree on Turner in 1723, this being the first medical degree in colonial America.

TURNER, W.J.: Mozart The Man and His Works. Revised by C. Raeburn. 16 illus., bibliography, catalogue, index; xii+376pp. orig. cloth, Methuen &Co, 1965. Very good clean copy in d.w.. [ Ref: RGW14622] £8

TYACK, Rev. G.S.: Lore and Legend of the English Church. 17 plates, index; xvi+270pp. orig. cloth, spine and parts of covers faded, 1st edit., William Andrews, 1899. Very good copy. [ Ref: RGW16442] £5

VASSILTCHIKOV, M.: The Berlin Diaries. 1940-1945. Edited with a Foreword by G. Vassiltchikov. Photographic illus., maps, index; xx+296pp. 8vo orig. red and black cloth, spine gilt, Folio Society Edition, 1991. Fine copy in slipcase. [ Ref: RGW14339] £10

VERMES, G.: The Dead Sea Scrolls. Photographic illus.; 335pp. orig. boards, Folio Society, 3rd Printing, 2002. Very good copy. [ Ref: RGW14391] £8

VERMES, G.: The Dead Sea Scrolls. Photographic illus.; 335pp. orig. boards, First Folio Society Edition, 2000. Very good copy in slipcase. [ Ref: RGW14447] £10

VERMES, G.: The Dead Sea Scrolls. Photographic illus.; 335pp. orig. boards, Folio Society, 7th Printing, 2006. Very good copy in worn slipcase. [ Ref: RGW14716] £8

[HORACE WALPOLE]. CHALCRAFT, A. &VISCARDI, J.: Strawberry Hill Horace Walpole's Gothic Castle. 100 colour illus. of photographs and engravings; 160pp. folio (295 x 245mm) orig. cloth, 1st edit., 2007. In d.w. [ Ref: RGW12744] £25

WEIR, A.: Henry VIII King and Court. Colour illus., index; xvi+639pp. orig. cloth gilt, 1st edit., Jonathan Cape, 2001. Very good copy in d.w.. [ Ref: RGW14504] £8

WEIR, A.: The Princes in the Tower. Foreword by Ruth Rendell. Colour illus., index; xvi+264pp. orig. black cloth decorated in red and gilt, Folio Society edition, 1999. Fine copy in slipcase. [ Ref: RGW14733] £10

WESKETT, JOHN: A Complete Digest of the Theory, Laws, and Practice of Insurance . . . Index; lxxxiv+616pp; title appears to be on a stub, with two small tears near inner margin, tear to last leaf; some spotting. 8vo contemp calf, red leather spine label, wear on corners, back cover detached, First Irish Edition, Dublin, Printed for Elizabeth Lynch, 1783. Contemporary ownership signature of Daniel Brocklebank. ESTC N475737 only two copies in the British Isles and one in America. [ Ref: RGW18771] £395
*This Dublin edition printed just two years after the first London edition is scarce. John Weskett was an underwriter and this is essentially a contemporary encyclopedia on the subject.

RICHARD GROSVENOR, 2nd MARQUESS OF WESTMINSTER [1795-1869]. Politician and Benefactor. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, to Lord Hornblower, Motcombe House, Shaftesbury, 4 April 1862, 3pp, acknowledges receipt of his letter complaining about the officers, but not able to comment without a specific complaint. Removed from album, 1862. [ Ref: RGW19858] £50
*Presumably Lord Hornblower described as a Captain Commandant of Birkenhead was in a militia corps.

RICHARD GROSVENOR, 2nd MARQUESS OF WESTMINSTER [1795-1869]. Politician and Benefactor. AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED, to Sir George Stephen, Motcombe House, Shaftesbury, 24 Jany 1854, 3pp, glad to support the new Institution for the Working Men of Birkenhead 'provided they abide by the Rule "That neither Religious nor Political subjects are to be discussed" and that there shall be no connexion under any pretexts with the Trades Unions.' 1862. [ Ref: RGW19865] £50

WHITTLE, T.: The Last Kaiser A Biography of William II, German Emperor and King of Prussia. Illus., maps, index; 368pp. orig. cloth, Purnell Book Services, 1977.Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14634] £8

WICKLOW, EARL OF: Fireside Fusilier. Introduction by Evelyn Waugh. illus., xiv+145pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Hollis &Carter, 1958. in d.w. [ Ref: RGW18639] £10
*A memoir of the Second World War.

WILSON, A.: The World of Charles Dickens. Colour and black and white illus., index; xvi302pp. orig. cloth, Book Society, 1970. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14746] £10

WOODFORDE, Rev JAMES: The Diary of a Country Parson. Selected by David Hughes. Engravings by IAN STEPHENS, appendices; xviii+445pp. orig. cloth-backed marbled boards, Folio Society, 1999. Fine copy in orig. slipcase (some wear on edges) [ Ref: RGW14581] £10

[WRIGHT, LUCY P.]: My Comforter, and other Religious Poems. Index; vi+280pp 12mo orig. red cloth gilt, slight wear on extremities, a.e.g., Glasgow, David Bryce &Son, n.d. [c.1885] [ Ref: RGW20073] £10
*An interesting decorative binding.


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