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ALLEN, D.R.: The Field Book of Cricket from 1853 to the Present. Illus.; 275pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Pelham Books, 1991. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14198] £5

ALLEN, D.R.: Sir Aubrey A Biography of C. Aubrey Smith. England Cricketer, West End Actor, Hollywood Filmstar. Photographic illus., index; xx+195pp. orig. cloth, New Augmented Edition, Ewell, J. W. McKensie, 2005. Fine copy in d.w. One of only 150 copies, SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR AND HONOR COBB (Sir Aubrey's Daughter). [ Ref: RGW14487] £30

ARMOUR, GEORGE DENHOLM: Sport 'and there's the humour of it'. Colour frontispiece and numerous other illus.; 88pp. folio orig. pictorial cloth, wear on extremities, spine torn at head and foot, 1st edit., Hutchinson &Co, n.d. [c.1935] [ Ref: RGW18901] £15

BAILY'S Baily's Hunting Directory. Number Ninety-Nine. 2005-2006. Colour and black and white illus.; 526pp. orig. red cloth gilt, Cambridge, Baily's, 2005. Fine copy. [ Ref: RGW14126] £10

BAILY'S Great Days. Black and white illus.; 204pp. orig. red cloth gilt, Cambridge, Baily's, 1997. Fine copy. [ Ref: RGW14130] £10

BATTEN, H. MORTIMER: Habits and Characters of British Wild Animals. Colour frontispiece and 16 black and white plates by WARWICK REYNOLDS; 346pp; some spotting. folio orig. green cloth, 1st edit., W. &R. Chambers, 1920. [ Ref: RGW14772] £10

"BB": The Shootingman's Bedside Book. Illus. by D.J. WATKINS-PITCHFORD; 212pp. orig. cloth, Ludlow, Merlin Unwin Books, 2004. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW13977] £10

[DONALD BRADMAN] The Bradman Albums. Selections from Sir Donald Bradman's Official Collection. 2 vols. Colour plates, photographic illus, facsimiles, index. folio orig. cream cloth gilt, tiny hole in cloth on spines, 1st Edit. , MacDonald Queen Anne Press, 1988. Clean copies in orig. damaged slipcase. [ Ref: RGW14235] £20
*Reproduces press cuttings, letters, photographs, etc from Bradman's own collection. to illustrate his career.

BRENNAN, D.: The Sea Angler Afloat and Ashore. Illus., index; xxii+346pp. orig. cloth, reprint, A. &C. Black, 1965. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW12753] £5

CARDUS, N. &ARLOTT, J.: The Noblest Game. A Book of Fine Cricket Prints. 64 plates, most in colour; 30pp introduction. folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., George Harrap, 1969. Very good copy in slipcase [ Ref: RGW13884] £20

CARDUS, N. : A Fourth Innings with Cardus. 254pp. orig. red cloth gilt, 1st edit., Souvenir Press, 1981. Very good copy in orig. slipcase (damaged). One of 100 numbered copies specially bound de luxe edition. [ Ref: RGW14200] £30

CARDUS, N. : Cardus in the Covers. 254pp. orig. cloth, Souvenir Press, 1978. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14204] £5

CASSELL'S: Complete Book of Sports and Pastimes being A Compendium of Out-Door and In-Door Amusements. More than 900 wood-engraved illus., index; xii+975pp; some slight spotting. orig. cloth, spine damaged, Cassell &Co, n.d. c.1888 [ Ref: RGW1961] £12

CHOLMONDELEY-PENNELL, H.: Fishing. Salmon and Trout. Illus., index; xvi+468pp; a little staining at head of some leaves. orig. cloth, worn, 4th edit., Badminton Library, 1888. [ Ref: RGW19154] £10

COLLIER, W.F.: The Hound and the Horn Classic Tales of Moorland Hunting. Photographic illus.; 160pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit. Tiverton, Halsgrove, 2000. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14124] £10

COTTON, T. HENRY: Golf. Being a Short Treatise for the Use of Young People who Aspire to Proficiency in the Royal and Ancient Game. 11 photographic plates; 148pp. orig. red cloth, parts of cloth faded 5th edit., 1936. [ Ref: RGW17883] £10

CROSNIER, R.: Fencing with the Foil. Instruction and Technique. Photographic illus and drawings; 270pp. orig. cloth, Faber &Faber, 1961. Very good copy [ Ref: RGW18641] £8

GLASIER, P.: A Hawk in the Hand. Introduction by E. Hosking. Colour and black and white illus.; 188pp; inscription on endpaper. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Robinson Publishing, 1990. Very good copy in clipped d.w. [ Ref: RGW14702] £10

GUDGEON, S.: A Passion for Grouse. An Artist's and a Sportman's View. (Edited by Mike Barnes) Colour illus. by SIMON GUDGEON, index; 160pp. folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., Devizes, Ptarmigan Publishing, 1961. Very good copy in d.w. with small mark on front cover, [ Ref: RGW13926] £25

HALL, D. (Ed.): Encyclopedia of Birds. Colour illus., maps, index; 288pp. orig. cloth, Grange Books, 2005. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14709] £8

HOFFMANN, PROFESSOR.: The Illustrated Book of Patience Games. Colour-printed itile, text in red and black, diagrams; 128pp; some foxing, lacking front free endpaper orig. cloth, wear on extremities, 7th edit., G. Routledge &Sons, 1910. [ Ref: RGW19142] £8

HYDE, D.: 40 Years of British Arab Horse Champions 1953 to 1992. Photographic illus; 152pp. folio half green morocco gilt, covers red morocco, "H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Alnahyan" in gilt on front cover, a.e.g., marbled endpapers, 1st edit, Cheltenham, 1993. Fine copy. [ Ref: RGW13966] £30

HYDE, D.: 40 Years of British Arab Horse Champions 1953 to 1992. Photographic illus.; 152pp. folio orig. pictorial laminated boards, 1st edit, Cheltenham, 1993. Fine copy. INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR "To Tug with very best wishes and many, many thanks Deidre August 1993" [ Ref: RGW13983] £20

KING, P.: The Shooting Field One Hundred and Fifty Years with Holland and Holland. Colour and black and white illus.; 176pp; inscription on endpaper. folio orig. cloth, Quiller Press, 1985. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14042] £10

LEMMON, D.: Percy Chapman A Biography. Illus., index; 162pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Queen Anne Press, 1985. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14202] £8

LEWIS, T.: Double Century The Story of MCC and Cricket. Members' Edition. Illus., some in colour, appendices, index; 375pp. orig. red cloth gilt, 1st edit., Hodder &Staughton, MCC Members' Edition, 1987. Fine copy in plastic d.w. [ Ref: RGW14455] £18

MARCH, R.: The Cricketers of Vanity Fair. Introduction by John Arlott. Full-page colour plates, appendices; 112pp. folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., Webb &Bower, 1982. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14496] £10
*Gives biographical information on the cricketers and the cartoon artists.

NALE, C.: Los Que Venceran al Viento. Colour photographic illus., text in Spanish, 174pp. folio (300 x 230mm) orig. simulated wood cloth, corners slightly bumped, 1st edit., Secretaria de Estado de Agricultura y Ganaderia Instituto Nacional de la Actividad Hipica, 1979. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14495] £15
*Account of Argentina's national stud.

NIMROD: The Chace, The Road and the Turf. 19 colour and black and white plates; index; xvi+231pp. orig. cloth, spine faded, slight marking on covers, New edit., John Lane, 1927. [ Ref: RGW19155] £10

PARKER, J.: Test Time at Tillingfold. 176pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Weidenfeld &Nicolson, 1979. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14206] £5

PAWLE, G.: R.E.S. Wyatt Fighting Cricketer. Illus., index; 278pp; inscription on endpaper. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Queen Anne Press, 1985. Very good copy in price clipped d.w. [ Ref: RGW14203] £5

RAU, G &DUERST, J.U.: Pferdebeurteilung. Black and white illus.; 62+421pp. orig. cloth gilt, Facsimile reprints, New York &Hildesheim, Olms Presse, 1980. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14018] £10
*Reprints two German books on horses: Duerst's Die Beurteilung des Pferdes (1922) and Rau's Die Beurteilung des Warmblutpferdes (1935).

ROSS, GORDON: Cricket's Great Characters. A Series of Character Essays on Cecil Parkin, George Gunn, Patsy Hendren, Arthur Mailey, Charlie Harris, Fred Truman. Illus.; 48pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., Inverness, 1977. One of numbered 300 copies, SIGNED BY AUTHOR. Very good copy in cellophane d.w. (small tear) [ Ref: RGW15097] £25

RUFFER, J.G.: The Big Shots Edwardian Shooting Parties. Numerous illus.; 144pp. folio orig. cloth, Debrett, 4th Printing, 1979. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW13972] £10

SCHNEIDER, H. &FANCK, A.: The Wonders of Skiing A Method of Correct Skiing and Its Applications to Alpine Running. (Trans. G. Gallowhur.) 242 photographs by A. FANCK and S. ALLGEIER. and 1,100 cinema reproductions; 234pp. folio orig. blue cloth, head of spine bumped, small mark on front cover, 1st English edit., G. Allen &Unwin, 1933. Klosters Winster Sports Programme 1934-5 loosely inserted, [ Ref: RGW19168] £20

SLATER, P.: The Arabian Horse in Australia Vol. III. Colour and black and white photographic illus., index; 260pp. folio orig. cloth, Arabian Horse Society of Australia, 1989. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW13965] £10

STEEL, A.G. &LYTTELTON, R.H.: Cricket. Numerous illus., index; 429pp. orig. cloth, Southampton, Reprint of Badminton Library 1st edit., (1888), 1987. [ Ref: RGW11549] £8

STEPHENS, W.: The Guinness Guide to Field Sports. Colour and black and white illus.; 240pp. folio imitation brown leather, 1st edit., Guinness Superlatives, 1978. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14557] £5

TAVERNER, ERIC and Others: Salmon Fishing. 111 plates, some colour, 214 other illus., index; xvi+472pp; lacks front free endpaper. orig. buckram, worn, Seeley, Service &Co, 1931. [ Ref: RGW19447] £20

WAKLEY, B.J.: Bradman the Great. Portrait, 370pp. orig. cloth, a little spotting to spine, Sportmans Book Club, 1960. Contents clean. [ Ref: RGW13906] £10

WATSON, A.E.T.: Sketches in the Hunting Field. Illus. by JOHN STURGESS; xiv+241pp. two-toned cloth, hinges strengthened, paper spine label, 4th edit., Chapman &Hall, 1895. Contents clean. [ Ref: RGW18910] £15

WETHERED, J. &R., DARWIN, B., HUTCHINSON, H. &SIMPSON, T.C.: The Game of Golf. Lonsdale Library. 95 photographic plates, and other illus., index; 251pp. orig. buckram gilt, Seeley, Service &Co, 1931. In frayed d.w. [ Ref: RGW20077] £15

WOODGATE, W.B.: Boating. 4 maps, 10 plates and other illus., index; xii+340pp. orig. pictorial cloth, slight wear on extremities, 1st edit., Badminton Library, 1888. From Osborne Library, with a few small stamps. [ Ref: RGW20113] £10


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