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ALLAWI, A.: Faisal I of Iraq. 32 black and white illus., index; 560pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., 2014. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW18319] £35
*Born in 1883, King Faisal I of Iraq was a great figure not only in the founding of the state of Iraq but also in the making of the modern Middle East. In all the tumult leading to the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of new Arab states, Faisal was a central player. His life traversed each of the important political, military and intellectual developments of his times. This major life is the first to provide a fully rounded picture of Faisal the man and Faisal the monarch. Ali A. Allawi recounts the dramatic events of Faisal's life and provides a reassessment of his crucial role in developments in the pre- and post-World War I Middle East and of his lasting but underappreciated influence in the region even 80 years after his death. A battle-hardened military leader who, with the help of Lawrence of Arabia, organized the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire; a leading representative of the Arab cause, alongside Gertrude Bell, at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919; a founding father and king of the first independent state of Syria; the first king of Iraq - in his many roles Faisal overcame innumerable crises and opposing currents while striving to build the structures of a modern state. This book is the first to afford his contributions to Middle East history the attention they deserve.

[BELL, GERTRUDE] WINSTONE, H.V.F.: Gertrude Bell. Maps, illus, index; 322pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., J. Cape, 1978. Very good copy in d.w. (small chip at head) [ Ref: RGW14060] £18

BENOIST-MECHIN, J.: Arabian Destiny. Illus., maps, appendices, index; xii+298pp. orig. wrappers, a little wear on extremities, 1st edit. in English, Elek Books, 1957. Very good copy in d.w. (small piece missing) [ Ref: RGW17508] £16
*Study of Arabia and Ibn Saud, often critical of British policy, by this French biographer of T.E. Lawrence.

BRENT, P.: Far Arabia. Explorers of the Myth. Illus., map, index; 239pp. Paperback Quartet Books, 1979. [ Ref: RGW12019] £6

BUCHAN, J.: The King's Grace 1910-1935. Colour Frontispiece, index; 327pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., 1935. In d.w. (frayed at head of spine) O'BRIEN F0167 [ Ref: RGW10435] £10

CORANCEZ, LOUIS ALEXANDRE OLIVIER DE: The History of the Wahabis from their Origin until the End of 1809. (trans E. Tablet). xxi+161pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit. in English, 1995. Very good copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW5523] £25
*Originally published anonymously in Paris. Louis Corancez was French consul in Aleppo from 1804-12.

COTTERELL, P.: The Railways of Palestine and Israel. 114 photographic illus., 169 diagrams of locomotives and railway stock, 9 maps, appendices, bibliography; x+150pp. folio orig. cloth, 1st edit., Abingdon, 1984. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW14749] £28

GABRIELI, F.: The Arab Revival. Maps, index; 178pp. orig. pictorial boards, 1st English edit., Thames &Hudson, 1961. Very good copy in d.w. (small tear). [ Ref: RGW14704] £8
*Contains references to T.E. Lawrence.

GABRIELI, F.: The Arab Revival. Maps, index; 178pp. orig. pictorial boards, 1st English edit., Thames &Hudson, 1961. Very good copy in d.w. (small tear). [ Ref: RGW14705] £8
*Contains references to T.E. Lawrence.

HART, B.H. LIDDELL: Memoirs. 2 vols. Numerous illus., indexes. orig. cloth, 1st edit., 1965. Very good copies. [ Ref: RGW9711] £20
*Numerous references to T.E. Lawrence.

[HEDGECOCK, STUART EDWIN] 'FULANAIN': 'A Marsh Arab Battalion'. 2 photographic illus.; 2pp, but unpaginated. Broadside (13.5 x 10.5in), previously folded with small tears, 1st edit., The Times of India Annual, 1925. Rare. [ Ref: RGW15367] £15
*In 1927 Haji Rikkan Marsh Arab was published under the pseudonym 'Fulanain' which the British Library catalogue states was used by the colonial administrator Stuart Edwin Hedgecock and his wife. This article describes the recruiting and calibre of a battalion from the Ma'dan which formed part of the Levies serving directly under the British Government, not as part of the Iraq Army in the service of King Faisal. In 1921 at the Cairo Conference it was decided the function of the Levies was to relieve the British and Indian troops in Iraq. This is presumably an unpaginated offprint, although there are some very small stab holes in one margin. The Times of India Annuals of this period are scarce the British Library holding only starting in 1927.

HOLMBOE, K.: Desert Encouter. An Adventurous Journey through Italian Africa. Illus.; 282pp. orig. cloth, spine faded, 1st English edit., 1936. O'BRIEN F0519 [ Ref: RGW9850] £10

HORNIBLOW, P.: Oil Sand &Politics. Memoirs of Middle East Doctor, Mercenary and Mountaineer. 13 maps, 37 photographic illus.; 301pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit. 2003. In d.w. [ Ref: RGW11440] £40
*Dr Horniblow, whose father was at school with T.E. Lawrence, always wanted to visit the Middle East. His military and medical career took him to many of the Arab states. As a climber, he took part in many Himalayan expeditions.

LAWRENCE, Dr. M.R.: Letters from Dr. M.R. Lawrence (eldest brother of Lawrence of Arabia) to Stanhope Landick ( a Jerseyman). 20pp. orig. yellow wrappers, Jersey, 1981. Letter from relative of Landick tipped onto inside front cover. [ Ref: RGW12510] £25

LEACH, H.: Seen in the Yemen Travelling with Freya Stark and Others. 148 photographic illus., maps, index; 320pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., 2011. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW15104] £45

McGUIRK, R.: The Sanusi's Little War. The Amazing Story of a Forgotten Conflict in the Western Desert, 1916-1917. 50 photographic illus., 10 maps, bibliography, index; xvii+332pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., 2007. Fine copy in d.w. [ Ref: RGW12544] £26
*A full account, using original sources, of the military campaign, including the capture and rescue of the the survivors of HMS Tara. T.E. Lawrence was involved as an Intelligence Officer in Cairo, who took new ciphers to Sollum.

MEYERS, J.: A Fever at the Core. The Idealist in Politics. Bibliography; 172pp. orig. cloth, 1st edit., 1976. In slightly faded d.w. O'BRIEN F0729 [ Ref: RGW10425] £15
*Those studied include Wilfird Scawen Blunt, Andre Malraux, Roger Casement and T.E. Lawrence.

MILES, Col. SAMUEL BARRET: The Countries and Tribes of the Persian Gulf. 4pp illus.; 644pp. orig. cloth, reprint of 1919 edit., (1994). In d.w. [ Ref: RGW5685] £45

MOUNTFORD, G.: Portrait of a Desert The Story of an Expediton to Jordan. 68 plates of illus., some in colour, by E. Hosking , index; 192pp. orig. cloth, corners slightly bumped, 1st edit., 1965. Very good copy [ Ref: RGW9659] £10

NICHOLSON, J.: Hejaz Railway. 160 colour and black and white photographic illus., appendix of the stations, bibliography, index; xvi+193pp. folio (256 x 214mm) orig. cloth, 1st edit., 2005. In d.w. As new [ Ref: RGW11444] £30
*A comprehensive and excellently illustrated history which looks at the motives for building the railway, the problems associated with its construction, as well as T.E. Lawrence's campaign to disrupt it.

NICOLSON, H.: Diaries and Letters 1930-64. (Ed. S. Olson) Frontis., index; xxii+436pp. orig. cloth, New &Condensed edition, Collins, 1980. In d.w. [ Ref: RGW14554] £10
*Harold Nicolson met Lawrence at the Paris Peace Conference.

TAYLOR, L. &A.: 'A Reminiscence of Lawrence: The Story of Fareedah Akle' in 'Viewpoints' Vol. IV No. 9 pp 22-24; just the article. orig. wrappers, 1964. O'BRIEN G1182. Sold with a photograph of Fareedah Akle from an Arabic newspaper. [ Ref: RGW17840] £10
*The Taylors had met Fareedah Akle who had taught Lawrence Arabic, when they lived at Mount Lebanon.

WEIGALL, ARTHUR E.P.: A Guide to the Antiquities of Upper Egypt from Abydos to the Sudan Frontier. 69 maps and plans, index; xxiv+594pp. orig. red cloth gilt, slight marking on front cover, 1st edit., Methuen &Co, 1910. Very good copy. [ Ref: RGW7509] £30