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Decorative and Topographical Prints

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EARLY HUNTING PRINT. Hounds Leaving Kennels at Dawn. Aquatint, trimmed to image and laid down, some tears,a little spotting in sky, Early 19th Century. 18.5 x 23.5in [ Ref: RGW18029] £65

HENRY EDRIDGE [1768-1821] British Artist. 'La Tour de la Grosse Horloge, Evreux' Street scene with stalls. Soft-ground etching, from 'The Portfolio', some slight marking, 1819, but printed 1880. 10.25 x 7in [ Ref: RGW19048] £30
*Evidently made on a trip to Normandy in 1819.

? ELIZA RAWLINSON. "Scarthin Nick". initials E.R. Lithograph by Printed by C. Hullmandel, a little spotting on surround, Published by Rawlinson, 28 March 1822. 7.5in x 10in [ Ref: RGW20082] £35
*In 1815 a huge outcrop of rock was blasted away to create Scarthin Nick and to make a way through for the newly laid turnpike road which was later to become the A6. James Rawlinson [1769-1848] was an artist and publisher. Eliza was his daughter.

ENFIELD. LONDON. SOUTHGATE COTTAGE. View of Southgate Cottage, Seat of Charles Walcot. Aquatint, Drawn and Engraved by John Hassell [1767-1825], clean, two corners tipped on backing sheet, Published by J. Hassell, 1804. 6in x 7in. [ Ref: RGW13116] £10

ENGRAVED SHEET MUSIC. MARCAILHOU, G.: Indiana. Valse. 7pp of engraved music, and adverts for pianos. D'Almaine &Co, n.d. [ Ref: RGW9634] £10

ESSEX. ? J.P. 'Danbury Church from the Common Boreham' Wash drawing, titled, initialled 'J.P.' , inscribed in another hand on reverse, 'View of Danbury Hill fr back Front of Rd Hoare Esqs Boreham' 18th century, 1750-85. 8 x 12cm [ Ref: RGW19287] £30
*Presumably one of a series as numbered '17', possibly drawn by an amateur painter visiting Boreham House, near Colchester, which was built between 1728 and 1733 by Benjamin Hoare [d.1750]. The house was connected with two Richard Hoares in the period 1750-1785, so it was presumably executed between those dates.

LEONHARD EULER [1707-1783] Mathematician and Astronomer. Engraved Portrai of Euler, Half Length, to l., in profile, after A. Lorgno by B. Holl, stipple engraving, Published C. Knight, 1834, some spotting in surround, 8in x 4.25in [ Ref: RGW7858] £10

HENRI FANTIN-LATOUR [1836-1904] French Artist. 'Hommage a Brahms'. Allegorical picture, Music kneeling before a temple to Brahms, Fame stands with trumpet in right hand and palm leaf in left hand. Lithograph, signed on the plate, from The Studio, with impressed stamp, 1898. 295 x 195mm. [ Ref: RGW19230] £65
* In 1873 he had produced a similar lithograph in memory of Robert Schumann. Indeed he created a number of 'hommages' to artists, musicians and writers.

FISHING PRINTS. Five humorous prints, 'Taking A Fly', ' A Sharp Bite', 'Patience in a Punt', 'Digging for Bait', 'Smiling Showers or Ducks in Delight' from set of 6, lacking number five. Aquatints, with hand-colouring, late impressions, good margins, somewhat faded, Thomas McLean, n.d. Each 7.75in x 10in (platemark) [ Ref: RGW18937] £80

MYLES BIRKET FOSTER R.A. [1825-1899] Artist. Sheep by fence with family by stream, cottages in background. Chromolithograph, signed with initials, mounted on board, 12.5in x 18in. [ Ref: RGW19665] £50

FRANCE. PONT DU GARD. [Pont du Gard] Untitled. Etching with original hand-colouring ? late 18th century , 8in x 12in (image). [ Ref: RGW13536] £65
*Fine view of the Roman aqueduct in Provence with carriage and figures on the bridge, man with donkey in foreground.

FRANCE. AVIGNON. MINIATURE ENGRAVING View of Avignon. Miniature Engraving, trimmed, Early 19th century. 4.5 x 6cm [ Ref: RGW13850] £10

FRANCE. DIEPPE. "Dieppe Vue de l'Eglise St Jacques" by and after Deroy. Hand-coloured lithograph, trimmed to border, slight surface damage 19th century, 7in x 10in [ Ref: RGW459] £10

FRANCE. LUCY GARNOT. Notre Dame, Paris, from the river Seine. Etching, SIGNED IN PENCIL, large margins, laid down, 12in x 8in [ Ref: RGW17816] £20

FRANCE. MINIATURE ENGRAVING "View on the River Seine" Miniature Engraving, by G. Schroeder Early 19th century. 4 x 5.5cm [ Ref: RGW13862] £10

FRANCE. ROUEN. MINIATURE ENGRAVING View of Rouen. Miniature Engraving, slight damage to title, Early 19th century. 3.5 x 5.5cm [ Ref: RGW13854] £10

FRENCH REVOLUTION. "Assemblee des notables, Tenue a Versailles Le 22 February 1787", after Veny and Giradet by Niquet. Engraving, from "Historical Pictures representing . . . the Early Period of the French Revolution", stain in lower and left margin, 1803. 10in x 13in [ Ref: RGW9736] £25

FRENCH THEATRE CARICATURES. [PAUL GAVARNI] Collection of over 25 French Lithograph Caricatures of Theatrical Scenes, by PAUL GAVARNI, from a series called "Les Coulisses" (Back Stage). Cut from orignal early 19th century newspapers, text on reverse, Two or three tears, some appear to have been removed from an album, Each approx 265 x 190mm [ Ref: RGW12932] £50
*A charming series of caricatures of actors by Paul Gavarni [1804-1866], the master of lithographic cartoons.

FRENCH REVOLUTION. "Lit de Justice tenu a Versailles Le 6 Aout 1787", after Giradet by Giradet and Dupare. Engraving, from "Historical Pictures representing . . . the Early Period of the French Revolution", stain in lower and left margin, 1803. 10in x 13in [ Ref: RGW9735] £25
*After the parliament rejected two edicts, the king held his Bed of Justice.

FRENCH REVOLUTION. "Charles-Philippe d'Artois, Sortant de la Cour des Aides de Paris Le 17 Aout 1787", after Meunier by Niquet. Engraving, from "Historical Pictures representing . . . the Early Period of the French Revolution", stain in lower and right margin, 1803. 10in x 13in [ Ref: RGW9734] £25
*The Count d'Artois registered two edicts at the court.

FRENCH REVOLUTION. "Incendie du Corps de Garde sur Le Pont-Neuf Le 29 Aout 1788" after Girardet by Girardet and Niquet. Engraving, from "Historical Pictures representing . . . the Early Period of the French Revolution", stain in lower and right margin, 1803. 10in x 13in [ Ref: RGW9731] £25
*The people set fire the Corps de Garde on the Pont-Neuf , after the horse and foot watch charged on the foot-paths in various streets.

FRENCH REVOLUTION. "Rassemblement sur Le Pont-Neuf Le 16 Septembre 1788" after Veny and Girardet by Niquet. Engraving, from "Historical Pictures representing . . . the Early Period of the French Revolution", stain in lower and right margin, 1803. 10in x 13in [ Ref: RGW9730] £25
*People assembled on the Pont-Neuf and forced carriages to stop and their occupants to kneel before the statue of Henry IV.

FRIBOURG. SWITZERLAND. "Le Grand Pont Suspendu de Fribourg Long 900 pde Elev 175 pde" by Bader Lithograph, figures and buildings a little marking in margins, smal holes in top margin, n.d., c. 1850. 7.5in x 11in. Image in good condition [ Ref: RGW14789] £65
*This bridge, designed by Joseph Chaley, was constructed between 1832 and 1834 , when it was the world's longest suspension bridge. It was demolished in 1923.

FRIBOURG. SWITZERLAND. "Le Pont sur La Valee du Gotteron vu de L'Hotel Zaehringen Longueur 700p Elevation 285" by Bader Lithograph, figures and buildings a little marking in margins, n.d., c. 1850. 7.5in x 11in. Image in good condition [ Ref: RGW14790] £85
*Another bridge built by Joseph Chaley.

JOHNNY FRIEDLAENDER [1912-1992 ] German Artist. [Two birds] Untitled. Etching and aquatint, numbered and SIGNED BY ARTIST, in pencil good margins, 182 x 137mm. No. XVII of 20 impressions. [ Ref: RGW19125] £175
*This engraving was not given a title by the artist. Posthumously an edition was printed by Paul Decottignies at l'atelier Leblanc in 1994 to accompany an exhibition 'Johnny Friedlaender de Dresde ˆ Paris - Du noir ˆ la couleur'. Evidently the print offered here is one from a small lifetime edition.

PIERRE ANTOINE GALLIEN [1896-1963] French Artist. Pair of prints of the studios of two Parisian artists, Kupka and Villon showing the artists sitting in his studio, with Modernist paintings. gravure, SIGNED, TITLED AND NUMBERED by ARTIST, large margins, Early 20th Century. Each 288 x 210mm (platemark). Limited to 8 impressions. [ Ref: RGW17966] £200
*Franz or Frantisek Kupka [1871-1957] first studied in Prague and Vienna before settling in Paris in 1896. From 1920 he acted as professsor for the Prague Academy in Paris. He was a founder member and became president of the 'Abstraction-Creation' group in the 1930s. The artist named as 'Villon' is presumably Jacques Villon or Gaston Duchamp [1875-1963] although the initial does not appear to be a 'J'.

ARTHUR GASKIN [1862-1928]. Twelve wood engravings on thin paper, unless otherwise stated. 1. Seated girl with rabbit and fox. 90 x 110mm 2. 'Pam' Girl using bellows. Titled, signed and dated 1925.2a bottom left corner, on Japanese paper. 120 x 60mm GASKIN (1981) B38c. 3. 'The Sisters'. Two women embracing. Titled, signed and dated 1926. Browning. 75 x 50mm 4. The Lamb'. Shepherd holding lamb on shoulders. Titled and signed, two corners cut at angle. 95 x 65mm. GASKIN (1981) B38d. 5. Landscape with buildings, woman on lane, hay cocks in field. Some creasing. 130 x 100mm 6. Landscape, kneeling figure, church on hill. 150 x 150mm 7. 'The Roundabout'. Figures at fairground roundabout. Titled, signed and dated 1926, 10 bottom left, on Japanese paper. 170 x 140mm GASKIN (1981) B39. 8. 'The Lovers'. Standing couple embracing. Titled, signed and dated 1926, 1B bottom left corner, on Japanese paper. 140 x 70mm 9. 'The Watcher' Three geese in front of a hurdle. Crease on corner. 90 x 90mm 10. 'The Snowstorm'. Farm and high trees in snow. Titled, signed and dated 1925. 115 x 135 GASKIN (1981) B41d. 11. Willow Trees. 100 x 125mm 12. 'The Last into Bed puts out the Light'. Fat woman getting into bed. Titled, signed and dated 1926. Some creasing, very small hole in drape. 95 x 105mm 1925-6. [ Ref: RGW19034] £1200
*Arthur Gaskin returned to producing woodcuts when he went to live in Chipping Camden after he had retired from the Vittoria Street School for Jewellers and Silversmiths in 1924. Having produced many fine illustrations for commercial publishers and private presses, he had given up book illustrations (finding it did not produce sufficient income) around the turn of the century, to concentrate on designing jewellery and silver. In 1903 he became headmaster of the Vittoria Street School. These late prints are scarce. There do not appear to be any published editions. The artist gave 12 woodcuts to the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1927. No institution in Birmingham appears to hold any. "Mr Arthur Gaskin's shows a more expressive manner in such prints as 'The Snowstorm' and 'Gathering Winter Fuel' which lately secured his election for the Painter-Etchers and Engravers.". Salaman, C. 'The Art of the Woodcut: Masterworks from the 1920s'. "The move, in Gaskin's late woodcuts, to a simpler, direct approach is most masterfully described in James Laver's short piece called 'Campden' in The Studio. Vol. XCV, 1928 pp. 352-3; the reader cannot do better that consult this. Gaskin uses both black line on white as in 'The Bull Ring' and white on black, the latter almost ascetically in for example, 'Pam'. Apart from the evident influence of Eric Gill, there is an echo of Lucien Pissarro in a work like 'The Flood'." George Breeze in GASKIN (1981) p. 50. GASKIN (1981) refers to 'Arthur &Georgie Gaskin' City Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham &Fine Art Society. Exhibition Catalogue. 1981.

LUCIEN GAUTIER [b.1850] French Artist. 'La Passe du Vieux Port a Marseille' Sailing ship through harbour. Etching, some spotting on margins, 1876. 250 x 400mm. [ Ref: RGW19045] £40

GEORGE IV, King of England [1762-1830] 'George IV Taking his favourite Exercise near the Sandpit Gate Windsor Park' George IV driving a carriage and pair with outriders, by Melville Stipple engraving, small ink mark, 5in x 8in. [ Ref: RGW15710] £15

GERMANY. AACHEN. "Lousberg" by Baumhauer of Bonn Lithograph, Country house with figures in wooden landscape, some spotting in surround, large margins, Published A. Buffa, Aachen, n.d. c.1840. 15cm x 20cm [ Ref: RGW14798] £60

GERMANY. AACHEN. "Das Rathhaus" "La Maison de Ville"by Baumhauer of Bonn Lithograph, figures, carriages and fountain in market place, some spotting in surround, and on image, large margins, Published A. Buffa, Aachen, n.d. c.1840. 15cm x 20cm [ Ref: RGW14800] £80

GIBRALTAR. "Gibraltar from the Sea", after C. Bentley by J.C. Armytage. Steel engraving, 1837, a little spotting in surround, 5in x 7.5in. [ Ref: RGW10300] £10

GIBRALTAR. After J.M. CARTER. 'Statue of Lord Heathfield in the Alameda Gardens', Statue by cannon with figures, by T.C. Dibdin [1810-1893]. Colour lithograph, 'from Select Views of the Rock and Fortress of Gibraltar', printed by M. &N. Hanhart, foxing, Published by Baily Brothers, 1846. 8in x 10in. [ Ref: RGW10299] £45
*This statue of General Eliott, Lord Heathfield [1717-1790], Commander of Gibraltar was carved from the bowsprit of the Spanish man-o-war San Juan, taken at Trafalgar. It was later replaced by a bronze one.

GODFREY DOUGLAS GILES [1857-1941] 'The Cheshire Clotton to the Hills 1904' Huntsmen approaching a brook in open landscape. Photogravure, titled and signed by the Artist, laid down, some spotting in sky, Newmarket, privately published by the Artist, printed in Vienna, 1904. 17in x 22.5in. [ Ref: RGW17606] £50

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. E.W. 'Vale of Rodborough View from Woodchester Park Gloucestershire' Wooded river valley with lane to the left. Sepia wash drawing, titled, initialled 'E.W.' and dated in ink on reverse, 1808. 5in x 7.25in [ Ref: RGW18741] £65
*Probably from an album or sketchbook. the picture is numbered 'No. 11'. Woodchester Park is now owned by the National Trust. In the late 18th century, the grounds were landscaped from plans drawn-up by John Speyers, working with Capability Brown. Provenance: Tom Greeves [1917-1997], Architect and Artist.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. CHELTENHAM. "Montpellier Pump Room Cheltenham" Exterior view with figures and horsemen Lithograph after J.S. Templeman, by Engelmann &Co, good margins, Published by H. Davies, Montpellier Library, c. 1830s. 4.5in x 6in [ Ref: RGW13525] £15

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. CHELTENHAM. G. ROWE. "Pittville Cheltenham" Looking across the lake to the spa building. Lithograph with original hand colouring by G. Rowe, good margins, a little marking in margins, some worming in top right corner not affecting image, Published by G. Rowe, Cheltenham, c. 1830s. 8in x 12in [ Ref: RGW15123] £60

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. GLOUCESTER. G. ROWE. "Gloucester Cathedral S.W." Lithograph after Paul Gauci by G. Rowe, good margins, Published by T. Jeu, Gloucester, 1829. 7in x 8in [ Ref: RGW13527] £25

JOHN GOULD. "Turdus Musicus, Linn". Song Thrush on branch above nest in foliage, female overhead. Original hand-coloured lithograph by H.C. Richter from Gould's "The Birds of Great Britain", 1862-1873. 21.5in x 14.5in [ Ref: RGW6923] £250
*A decorative and beautifully finished plate from one of the greatest bird books.

JOHN GOULD. "Emberiza Rustica". Pair of Rustic Buntings on Branch Original hand-coloured lithograph by H.C. Richter from Gould's "The Birds of Great Britain", 1862-1873, 21.5in x 14.5in [ Ref: RGW7154] £80

JOHN GOULD. 'Donacicola Spectabilis' Three Orange-rumped Finches on foliage, by W. Hart. Original uncoloured lithograph from Gould's 'The Birds of New Guinea', 1875. 18in x 14in (mount opening) [ Ref: RGW19023] £40

FRANCISCO JOSE DE GOYA Y LUCIENTES [1746-1828] Spanish Artist. Pobrecitas ! Poor Little Girls. Etching and burnished aquatint, Plate 22 from 'Caprichos' series, on laid paper. 215 x 150mm. Sheet size 308 x 213mm HARRIS. 57.III [ Ref: RGW19165] £340
*Harris notes this is one of the plates that wears well. Goya commented on this image 'They are going to mend these tattered women; take them in as they have been getting loose long enough'..

FRANCISCO JOSE DE GOYA Y LUCIENTES [1746-1828] Spanish Artist. 'Despacha, Que Dispiertan' Be quick, they are waking up. Etching and burnished aquatint, plate 78 from Caprichos series, on wove paper, in black ink, good margins, a little spotting, 1799., ? 1878 printing. 215 x 150mm. Sheet 313 x 238mm. HARRIS. 113.III [ Ref: RGW19191] £350
*Of this print of goblins working in the kitchen, Goya commented 'The goblins are the most industrious and obliging people there are. As the maid keeps them happy, they scour the pot, cook the vegetables, wash up, sweep and hush the child.' The size of the paper used is most closely to that described by Harris for the Third and Fourth editions.

FRANCISCO JOSE DE GOYA Y LUCIENTES [1746-1828] Spanish Artist. [La Que Mal Marida Nunca Le Falta Que Diga] [Disparate Desordenado] [Disparate Matrimonial]. She whom is ill wed never misses a chance to say so. Etching, aquatint and drypoint Plate 7 from 'Proverbios' series, signed in reverse, on thick wove paper. stab holes on far left margin, some spotting on lower border and margins, 245 x 355mm. Sheet size 315 x 490. HARRIS. 254.III [ Ref: RGW19176] £1050
*Harris notes that the etching of this plate is particularly strong and vigorous. From the second edition published in 1875, as it has the plate number '7' and is printed on wove paper. Harris states that this edition was extremely small.

FRANCISCO JOSE DE GOYA Y LUCIENTES [1746-1828] Spanish Artist. [Dos a Uno, Meten La Paja en el Culo] or [Disparate Conocido]. If two to one, stuff your arse with straw. Well-known folly. Etching and aquatint, from L'Art, on laid paper, small tear, professionally repaired, Paris, printed by Francois Lienard, 240 x 350mm. Very good clean impression. HARRIS. 266.III [ Ref: RGW19242] £1250
*This is one of the additional plates for 'The Proverbios' series. This edition impression was published in 1877 in volume 2 of L'Art with the title Que Guerrero (Quel Guerrier). The man running in mock terror from the scarecrow figures slaps his backside to entertain the crowd.

FRANCISCO JOSE DE GOYA Y LUCIENTES [1746-1828] Spanish Artist. [Dos a Uno, Meten La Paja en el Culo] or [Disparate Conocido]. If two to one, stuff your arse with straw. Well-known folly. Etching and burnished aquatint, TRIAL PROOF ON THIN JAPAN PAPER, before all letters, a little wrinkling in top margin, some foxing in surround, 245 x 350mm. Sheet size 280 x 380mm. HARRIS. 266.II [ Ref: RGW19164] £5000
*This is a posthumous printing but before the edition printed in 'L'Art' in 1877. Harris considers the quality of these impressions almost identical to the working proofs. Some slight wrinkling is inevitable because of thinness of the paper.

FRANCISCO JOSE DE GOYA Y LUCIENTES [1746-1828] Spanish Artist. [Bailando en Una Cuerda Flojaos] or [Disparate Punctual]. 'Una Reina del Circo'. Dancing on a Slack Rope . Punctual Folly. Etching and aquatint, from L'Art, on laid paper. old mount time stain, faint diagonal crease, some browning in margins, small tear in top margin (repaired), Paris, printed by Francois Lienard, 245 x 350mm. HARRIS. 267.III [ Ref: RGW19174] £1100
*This is one of the additional plates for 'The Proverbios' series. This edition impression was published in 1877 in volume 2 of L'Art with the title Una Reina del Circo (Une Reine du Cirque).

EDITH GRANGER-TAYLOR [1887-1958] British Artist. 'La Sala del Ridotto'. Masked Venetian Ball, after the painting by Pietro Longhi. [1701-1785]. Coloured pastels, signed and dated in pencil with initials, inscribed with title by artist on reverse, faint crease across top right corner, few nicks on edge of left margin, 1932. 7in x 11in [ Ref: RGW18735] £500
*A typical bright pastel drawing by this artist who had an exhibition at the Grosvenor Gallery in 1922.

GREAT EXHIBITION 1851. By and after ALFRED SUMNER. 'The Building for the Great Exposition in London, 1851'. Exterior view with crowd in front. Tinted lithograph, laid down on linen, some staining on surround, Printed by Maclure, Macdonald &Macgregor, n.d. [?1851]. 8in x 19in (Image) [ Ref: RGW19430] £50
*These printers were the first to use steam power to print lithographs.

SIR FRANCIS SEYMOUR HADEN [1818-1910] Etcher and Surgeon. On the Test. Etching and Drypoint, SIGNED BY THE ARTIST, in pencil, good margins, 1859. Good clean impression. Platemark 6in x 8.75in SCHNEIDERMAN. 'The Catalogue RaisonnŽ of the Prints of Sir Francis Seymour Haden'. 24 vii/viii [ Ref: RGW16427] £275
*This view near Romsey was captured at dusk on the same day Haden made another etching 'A Water Meadow' of a nearby scene at noon. He made considerable changes to the plate eventually introducing sheep into the foreground as in this impression. K.M. Guichard in his 'British Etchers 1850-1940' states Haden, who was inspired by Rembrandt 'should be regarded as the founder of the etching movement as we know it . . . His mastery of foliage, water and atmosphere made him universally respected both in England and abroad. He was able to work directly on to the plate, in the open air'. Reproduced as Plate 23 in Guichard. Provenance: Walker's Galleries, their label on reverse of frame. Pencilled note, purchased at Christie's February 1922.

JOHN ALFRED HAGGIS [1897-1968] British Artist View of river with buildings and tall chimneys. Etching, signed with monogram and dated in the plate, '3rd State' added in pencil. good margins, 1929. 6in x 8.25in [ Ref: RGW18730] £12

OLIVER HALL [1869-1957] R.A., R.E. 'Lower Duddon Moss'. Landscape with man and horses. Etching, signed and dated in the plate, titled in pencil, on laid paper, good margins, little creasing in left margin, 1895. 6in x 10.75in Very good impression [ Ref: RGW19042] £45
*Oliver Hall is described by Kenneth Guichard in 'British Etchers 1850-1940' as 'one of the best British landscape etchers . . . His Etched works combined great freedom with delicacy often with dark but reticent contrasts'. His prints from his early period are scarce. He gave up etching about 1900 and only resumed work in the medium in 1924. See Rutter, F. 'The Etchings of Oliver Hall' PCQ vol. 15 No.1 1928.

OLIVER HALL [1869-1957] R.A., R.E. 'Evening'. Two figures by pond, trees and building to right. Etching, signed and dated in the plate, titled in pencil, on laid paper, good margins, 1895. 4.5in x 6.5in. Very good impression [ Ref: RGW19043] £30

OLIVER HALL [1869-1957] R.A., R.E. 'Bolton Castle Vista'. Extensive landscape with castle in distance. Etching, signed and dated in the plate, titled in pencil, on laid paper, good margins, 1895. 4.5in x 8in. Very good impression [ Ref: RGW19044] £40
*Bolton Castle is in Wensleydale in Yorkshire.

OLIVER HALL [1869-1957] R.A., R.E. 'Peat Cutting'. Man digging on peat moor, farm, trees and hill in background. Etching, signed in the plate, titled in pencil, on laid paper, good margins, 4in x 7.75in Very good impression. [ Ref: RGW18884] £55
*This print is illustrated in MACKENZIE, I. British Prints (1987) Illustrated p. 146

HAMPSHIRE. HERRIARDS HOUSE. MINIATURE ENGRAVING View "Herriards House Hampshire Seat of G. Puresoy Jervoise" Miniature Engraving, trimmed to image, c. 1795. 3 x 6cm [ Ref: RGW13833] £15

SIR GEORGE HAYTER [1792-1871] Artist. Original Etchings by Sir George Hayter. Forty-Six Etchings. Etching on title and 45 plates on laid India paper, one double-page; slight damage to one corner of a few early leaves, a little spotting to title and contents leaves. Large folio (15 x 11.25in) orig. green morocco backed boards, spine gilt, worn, some scuffing, First Edition, Printed for James Rimell &Son, 1879. Good clean impressions of the plates, Bookplate of Charles Tabor [ Ref: RGW18952] £500
*Sir George Hayter [1792-1871] an accomplished portrait painter was Principal Pa inter in Ordinary to Queen Victoria, to whom he taught etching. Maurice Grant in his 'Dictionary of British Etchers' is full of praise for Hayter's skill, who he considers is not sufficiently recognised. This publication shows a selection of more than half of the plates he executed. The subjects include portraits, animals, bandits, religious and some after Old Masters, and most were made in the 1820s or earlier.

After CHARLES COOPER HENDERSON [1803-1877] 'The Olden Time', from 'Fores's Coaching Recollections', engraved by H. Papprill [b. 1816] Aquatint, with original hand-colouring, heightened with gum arabic, Messrs Fores, 1874. 9.5in x 13.5in. cf. SILTZER 'British Sporting Prints' 1929. p.137 Very good clean bright print. [ Ref: RGW18935] £100
*These fine paintings of coaching scenes were originally engraved by J. Harris in the 1840s. Papprill's prints are excellently engraved on a smaller scale.

HEREFORDSHIRE. GOODRICH CASTLE. JAMES B. WEST.. "Goodrich Castle East View" Lithograph by J. West, good margins, Published J.West, Bath, n.d. c 1830. 7in x 10in (image). [ Ref: RGW13514] £30

WILLIAM HOGARTH [1697-1764] Painter and Engraver. Sammlung Hogarthischer Kupferstiche. Parts 1-6 inclusive only. 38 tissued numbered engraved plates after Hogarth by Ernst Riepenhausen; staining and foxing to some plates. Large folio (39 x 28cm), orig. marbled wrappers, with printed paper labels on front covers, stitched as issued, uncut, some fraying on edges, corner missing from one back cover, [Gottingen, J.C. Dieterich, n.d. 1794] [ Ref: RGW17199] £350
*There are no copies listed on Copac. It is rare to find these engravings in their original parts. Hogarth became familiar to a German audience chiefly owing to the influence of George Christoph Lichtenberg [1743-1799], who had purchased a collection of engravings from the artist's widow, which he later sold to Gottingen University. Lichtenberg published a series of commentaries on Hogarth's prints in 'Gottinger Taschen-Calender' from 1784 to 1796. Ernst Ludwig Riepenhausen [1765-1840] provided engravings from Hogarth's works, but because of the small format of the Calender they were on a reduced scale illustrating just details such as heads and expressions. In the 'Sammlung Hogarthischer Kupferstiche', which when completed consisted of 88 plates, Riepenhausen was able to copy the engravings in their entirety. Some critics consider some of his copies are superior to the engravings made by Hogarth himself. See, Griffiths, A &Carey, F. 'German Printmaking in the Age of Goethe' British Museum, 1994. The prints are: Hours of the Day, Industry and Idleness, Rake's Progress, Harlot's Progress, Marriage-a-la-Mode, Strolling Actresses Dressing in a Barn and A Midnight Modern Conversation.

WENCESLAUS HOLLAR [1607-1677] Five cherubs with grapes playing, sartyr on floor, after Peeter van Avont [1600-1652] Etching, first state before number added, from the set of 12 plates of 'Paedoaegnio'. removed from album, some damage to top left corner, some faint offsetting on same corner, thread margins, 1646. 122 x 208mm. PENNINGTON 567.i [ Ref: RGW19180] £150

WENCESLAUS HOLLAR [1607-1677] 'Trinitarianus' Figure of monk with Maltese cross on tunic. Etching, Second state numbered '831' trimmed within platemark, two horizontal creases, corners damaged where removed from backing sheet, 1661 or later. 240 x 135mm. PENNINGTON 1989.II [ Ref: RGW19659] £25
*This illustration was first used in Dugdale's 'The Antiquities of Warwickshire Illustrated' but this state without letterpress on the reverse was used in Dugdale's 'Monasticon Anglicanum' , and Daniel King's 'The Cathedrall and Conventuall Churches of England and Wales' in 1672.

After JOHN HOPPNER [1758-1810] British Artist 'The Sleeping Nymph' Nude woman lying down her hands behind her head, in wooded glade, cupid above, by William Ward [1766-1826]. Mezzotint, partly printed in colours, pink, flesh and blue printed, two small tears in bottom margin, Published W. Ward, 20 January 1808. 21 x 24.75in (platemark). in old gilt frame (damaged) [ Ref: RGW19249] £500
*The original was painted for Sir John Fleming. Originally the nymph was completely nude, but Sir John requested some covering. He wrote to Hoppner that Ôimagination must have something left to make the thing compleat É. To meet this idea Mr H will not perhaps object É to throw a veil over a part of ye Body'.

EDWIN HENRY HUNT &SON. 'Robert the Devil - Winner of the Grand Prize of Paris 1880 Property of Charles Brewer, Esq. as a two year old won the Rous Memorial Stakes at Goodwood, 1879 and St Leger, 1880, ridden by T. Cannon'. Thoroughbred with jockey up. Aquatint, with original hand-colouring heightened with gum arabic on horse, good margins, laid down on linen, some browning on surround, J. Harrop, British Fine Art Association, London and Manchester, n.d. 24 x 30in (platemark). cf. LANE. British Racing Prints 1700-1940. p. 136 I.1 [ Ref: RGW17817] £250
*Presumably a re-issue of the print described by Lane as being published by George Rees, after Robert the Devil won the Grand Prize of Paris.

HUNTINGDON. BUCKDEN PALACE. 'Buckden Palace in Huntingdonshire'. Engraving by Hawkins. A. Hogg, 18th century. 7in x 9in [ Ref: RGW18136] £10

HUNTINGDONSHIRE. ST NEOTS. MINIATURE ENGRAVING "S.W. View of St Neots &Eynesbury" Miniature Engraving, Shows river shipping. Early 19th century. 4.5 x 6cm [ Ref: RGW13855] £10